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3 Moments Concerning Nam Joo Hyuk And Kim Tae Ri To Look Forward To In Episode 15 Of “Twenty 5, Twenty One”

tvN has shared a preview of episode 15 of “Twenty 5, Twenty One”!

Established in 1998, “”Twenty 5, 20 One” is about the development and course of a group of youths who dropped their desires in the financial disaster. It stars Kim Tae Ri as fencing athlete Na Hee Do and Nam Joo Hyuk as reporter Baek Yi Jin.


The prior episode elevated expectations for the finale as it showed Baek Yi Jin interviewing Na Hee Do, who won 3 consecutive gold medals in 2009. To amp up anticipation, the drama released 3 key moments that viewers can glimpse forward to.

Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin go to the Bosingak bell-ringing ceremony

Last but not least, today’s episode will demonstrate the love story of “25-5-yr-old” Baek Yi Jin and “21-calendar year-old” Na Hee Do in the year 2001. In the freshly unveiled stills, the two are at the Bosingak bell-ringing ceremony once again. After Baek Yi Jin studies the scene, they go to a spot where by they can see the beautiful evening surroundings. The two gaze at each individual other with twinkling eyes as they ring in the new yr.

Na Hee Do freezes soon after witnessing Baek Yi Jin reporting news

Not everything is a bed of roses in 2001. In one particular scene, Na Hee Do will become immobile soon after seeing Baek Yi Jin satisfying his duty as a reporter. Compared with in advance of, his expression is nervous and dim, and she stares at him for a lengthy time. Curiosity is mounting about why Na Hee Do couldn’t technique Baek Yi Jin at this certain moment.

Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin share a supportive, comforting hug

Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin have developed 1 phase at a time while giving honest assistance and comfort and ease to each other. Any time they struggled with misunderstandings, conflicts, and their personal responsible conscience, they exchanged enthusiastic encouragement and lifted each other’s spirits up. One more set of stills demonstrate Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin repeatedly getting there for one another. They lie down side by side and and warmly embrace though producing tender eye speak to. What kind of comforting, loving phrases that stem from deep believe in and religion will they exchange this time?

Hwa & Dam Pictures mentioned, “In episode 15 of ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One particular,’ delighted moments of 21-calendar year-previous Na Hee Do and 25-year-previous Baek Yi Jin’s appreciate will unfold.” The creation enterprise added that tonight’s broadcast will leave a deep effect, touch viewers’ hearts, and be filled with the couple’s sweet and affectionate romance.

Episode 15 of “Twenty 5, Twenty One” will air on April 2 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

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