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4 Matters We Liked About The Premiere Of “Twenty Five, Twenty One”

With an all-star solid, there’s no explanation still left to question why tvN’s “Twenty Five, 20 One” is a drama that has to be on your to-look at record. The story follows the marriage involving Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) and Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk), who to start with satisfy when they are 18 and 22 a long time old and reunite when they are 21 and 25 a long time previous. The first two episodes were being packed with comedy, new friendships, heartbreak, and intrigue. Maintain reading through to obtain out what we cherished about it!

Warning: spoilers for the premiere episodes beneath.

Loved: Na Hee Do’s resolve

With this sort of a gifted actress portraying her, there was no doubt that Na Hee Do is going to be a character that fills up the monitor in just about every scene she’s in. Her character is so excellent mainly because of her never ever-ending determination. From deciding not to give up on fencing and trying to get arrested to transferring schools and finding the courage to communicate to her mom, there is never ever a uninteresting moment with her.

A lot like how Baek Yi Jin tells her, Na Hee Do is anyone who sees what she can achieve and not what she has dropped. Kim Tae Ri’s acting seriously provides the character to lifetime, and you can not assistance but giggle and smile every time she’s on the monitor. She beautifully captures the essence and dramatics of what it’s like to be a teenager with a dream. If you just want one cause to look at this drama, allow this be the one.

Liked: The ambiguous romance concerning Shin Jae Kyung and Yang Chan Mi

Maybe the most intriguing scene of the 1st episode is when it’s uncovered that Na Hee Do’s mom Shin Jae Kyung (Seo Jae Hee) has achieved with Mentor Yang Chan Mi (Kim Hye Eun) to converse about Na Hee Do joining the fencing crew. Even though it is not totally spelled out, it’s crystal clear that one thing induced a rift among these two girls.

This is the most ambiguous connection that the display offered inside the to start with two episodes. Simply set, I just want to know what took place between these two. It feels like there is a whole lot of baggage there, so hopefully, we’ll see how it is stated later on.

Loved: Na Hee Do and Go Yu Rim’s rivalry

As opposed to Na Hee Do’s mother and her fencing mentor, the marriage between Na Hee Do and Go Yu Rim (WJSN‘s Bona) is quite very clear. While they share an unbelievably sweet umbrella scene wherever Na Hee Do is a starstruck enthusiast, their relationship starts to creep into a rivalry as the episodes development. Go Yu Rim is unwelcoming to Na Hee Do and results in being much more jaded when she loses to Na Hee Do in a match all through practice. The match scene, in particular, reveals their childhood connection wherever Go Yu Rim was as well afraid to fence versus Na Hee Do and misplaced the match.

Their present set up has all the makings of a K-drama major pair: a lovable umbrella scene, getting off on the completely wrong foot, and a childhood relationship. While the leads’ relationship is cute, this 1 also feels just as powerful. It will be intriguing to see if they continue being rivals for the rest of the exhibit or if their romance will acquire previous it.

Cherished: Na Hee Do telling Baek Yi Jin to be joyful

Last but not least, there’s the blossoming romance in between Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do. Nam Joo Hyuk simply portrays the experienced feelings that Baek Yi Jin is feeling since he shed his spouse and children, fortune, and goals overnight. While the character continue to has that boyish attraction and gentlemanliness that Nam Joo Hyuk is regarded for portraying, Baek Yi Jin spends a lot of the first two episodes holding back his emotions and attempting to atone for his father’s bankruptcy. The most heartbreaking scene of the drama is when he tells previous workers of his father’s organization that he will never be joyful. The good thing is, Na Hee Do firmly tells him that he should not imagine this way and that he should live fortunately, even if it is just a key that they share jointly.

This scene displays how properly these two balance each other out. Although Baek Yi Jin is critical and seemingly shrouded in darkness, Na Hee Do appears to be the shiny mild at the conclusion of the tunnel. It’s warm, comforting, and sets a potent foundation of friendship that will later on blossom into romance as the drama progresses. And who does not love a great tale of good friends to lovers?

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