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7 K-Pop Diss Tracks That Stick It To The Haters

Taking the substantial highway and steering clear of all interaction with haters is commonly the way to go, but let us experience it – there is nothing at all as satisfying as a good clapback! If you’re dealing with some haters on your own or you are just in the temper for some genuinely superior tunes, then definitely check out these tunes out. They’re bangers, for positive!

1. Stray Young ones – “CHEESE”

Stray Kids is acknowledged for their distinct music model, and unfortunately their new music has captivated a handful of fewer-than-flattering responses. Even so, they haven’t let the dislike get them down. Instead, they turned it all around to make a genuinely wonderful music. Punchy, energetic, and super fun to hear to, “CHEESE” is absolutely sure to get you hyped each time.


MAMAMOO has in no way been worried to established their have traits, and they’ve faced their fair share of adversity alongside the way. “HIP” is the great response to that, and there is some thing totally addictive about the conquer of this observe. In addition, the lyrics are all about currently being by yourself no issue what – a double dose of self-adore and a very good clapback!

3. DAWN – “DAWNDIDIDAWN” (Feat. Jessi)

His debut with PSY‘s songs agency P Country, DAWN set the stage for a new era of his career with “DAWNDIDIDAWN.” In this track, he would make it crystal clear that he’s producing a identify for himself and claps again at any one attempting to drag him down. The monitor is unique and refreshing with a whistled melody that provides to the nonchalant vibe.

4. ITZY – “Sorry Not Sorry” out?v=d0_S1zve8HU

ITZY’s meteoric rise to achievement could have been controversial for some, but they know greater. The group’s charisma and overall star electricity are plain, and it all will come with each other in “Sorry Not Sorry” to make a person epic clapback monitor. No make a difference what the haters say, it’s only looking up for ITZY – and they unquestionably know it!

5. NCT 127 – “Sit Down!”

The title claims it all with this one particular! “Sit Down!” is a reply to all the anti-enthusiasts that really feel like they can tell NCT 127 what to do, and the information will come across quite strongly. The intensive rap lines and easy vocals make for a tremendous impactful combination, and the catchy refrain is everything you could want from a diss track.

6. BLACKPINK – “Pretty Savage”

The BLACKPINK members are K-pop icons, but regrettably fame doesn’t arrive with out its downsides. The hate doesn’t hassle them however, and they make that apparent with their track “Pretty Savage.” The playful sound can make this music look deceptively mild for a diss keep track of, but the lyrics confirm that the associates are living their finest lives no matter what arrives their way.

7. BTS – “IDOL”

BTS is happy of their roots as K-pop artists, and they are not about to allow any haters get in the way. The “IDOL” new music video even makes mild of some despise opinions the group has gotten in the past, and the lyrics just prove that they are being unbothered by it all. Seriously, there’s no greater monitor to make you feel like you are on top of the environment!

What is your favored monitor on this record? Are there any you would incorporate? Inform us beneath!

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