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7 K-Pop Trilogy Storylines That Are Only Brain-Blowing

They say superior factors arrive in threes, and K-pop strongly supports this assertion. Numerous idols have produced trilogy albums through the a long time, and some may possibly have carried out it a lot more than when. Some of the storylines that make up these trilogies have stayed with us in spite of remaining released a long time ago, and that is owing to the spectacular narrative that accompanies these musical releases — ideally in a visual kind by way of album principles and new music videos.

Let’s look again on 7 K-pop trilogy storylines that are simply just mind-blowing.


Just one does not basically write about trilogies without mentioning VIXX’s “CONCEPTION” sequence. Famed for their mesmerizing dark concepts, the group normally takes on Greek mythology in this trio launch which can be vividly felt in the notion movies. The 1st deity to be highlighted in the album of the exact same identify is Zelos, the god of rivalry, jealousy, and zeal. The latter word is actually derived from his name, and you can evidently see the representation in the visuals and lyrics of the title monitor “Dynamite.” The 2nd installment is “Hades,” named after the god of the underworld, which embodies this mythological creature’s wrath in “Fantasy.” Then “Kratos” arrives to conclude the trilogy, visually personifying the deity’s qualities of power and authority in “The Closer” through a somewhat seductively sinister aura that tends to make up most of this release’s visuals.

2. Bought7 – “FLIGHT LOG”

Received7’s audio video clips normally have attention-grabbing plots, but this a single can take the throne. The releases “Departure,” “Turbulence,” and “Arrival” respectively observe Got7 in this airborne narrative commencing from the quite to start with teaser of the trilogy and continuing by way of the title tracks “Fly,” “Hard Have,” and “Never At any time.” Jinyoung, who is the principal character, goes again and forth concerning reality and dream, searching back again on recollections he once shared with his users. From the jolly road excursion to the chaotic flight, all looks to be properly right until it isn’t. In actuality, the crash expenditures all of the other associates their life — with Mark sacrificing himself to save Jinyoung — and sends the latter into a layered limbo where he is regularly battling for his lifetime until he is resuscitated. A lovely analogy is offered by the sole survivor in which he will not give up on his everyday living following the decline of his pals just like a fowl does not give up flapping its wings till it flies.

3. SHINee – “The Story of Light”

The most highly effective tales are based mostly on genuine situations, and this is the tale of SHINee. Through Jonghyun’s life span, the team has formerly launched a trilogy titled “Misconceptions,” which is comprised of two parts: “Dream Lady – The Misconceptions of You” and “Why So Severe? – The Misconceptions of Me.” They were being afterwards mixed below “The Misconceptions of Us” and addresses one’s misconceptions of idealistic desires vs . the bittersweet fact.

Fast ahead 4 many years afterwards, Onew, Critical, Minho, and Taemin are mourning the decline of their late pal and bandmate Jonghyun all when commemorating their 10th anniversary as a K-pop group. For that reason, their new trilogy “The Tale of Light” sees the gentle of day with really like, toughness, and catharsis becoming the key themes. Through this collection, the boys pay back homage to Jonghyun by vowing to have on their musical journey when carrying him in their thoughts and hearts. “Good Evening,” “I Want You,” and “Our Page” briefly stroll us through the tale of gentle. at?v=Psl-x_nw7TI

4. Crimson Velvet – “The ReVe Festival”

How several times would 1 will need to commit at a competition? A working day? Two? With Purple Velvet, the 3rd working day could possibly be the allure — with a twist in their “The ReVe Festival” trilogy. The lady team will take us on a jolly rollercoaster trip in “Zimzalabim.” With a subtly eerie sound in the background, the track title is a modified Swedish edition of conjuring spells these kinds of as “Abracadabra” or “Alakazam.” Later, the ladies choose us on a summer months vacation in “Umpah Umpah” that is soon brought to an conclude by the temperature, pretty much as if they have been cursed to remain trapped indoors and retain every other firm. Our colorful squad’s mild has been dimmed in the ultimate title monitor “Psycho” exactly where the girls look confused and disheartened, most likely impacted by the two previously stops they produced in the trilogy prior to their mansion go to. It seems like it’s all entertaining and online games until a person casts a spell that goes improper. But in Pink Velvet’s words: “Hey now we’ll be okay, it is alright! We’re a tiny bizarre.” out?v=pgLx2JLeGU4


If you didn’t already know about MONSTA X, you’d probably blunder them for actors because their music films are reliable movie plots. “THE CLAN” trilogy brings out the group’s acting facet even much more exactly where we see them deal with various issues that all spotlight the powerful bond they share with each and every other. The initial EP “LOST” serves “ALL IN” as the title monitor, where the septet looks to be in a time of war and rebel against authority although generating their personal resistance movement. Shifting on to the “GUILTY” EP’s title monitor “Fighter,” we uncover out that the associates are held hostage in a medical center even though captive of their possess unconscious, making ready a meticulous strategy to crack no cost. Last of all, MONSTA X brings the trilogy to an stop in the “Final Chapter” EP with a most “Beautiful” title track where they are nevertheless imprisoned one particular last time, besides that they are underneath the mercy of their own weaknesses. The trilogy sees the recurrence of a purple flower, corresponding to Larkspur, a flowering plant with protective and healing powers according to mythology. This explains its use to formulate an elixir by the boys throughout the trilogy. out?v=videoseries

6. Stray Little ones – “I am”

The “I am” series is a statement that Stray Young children is proud to make on their debut. “I am NOT” is about them refusing to reside below culture norms. “I am WHO” is about them seeking to uncover themselves in this planet and to do things at their own speed. Last but not least, “I am YOU” is about them acknowledging that they stand for each individual human being who seeks to be accurate to oneself and defies anything at all that goes versus it.

In their order of launch, “District 9” shows the members being brainwashed in a facility, but they soon get assist from the inside to escape. Taking their getaway bus, they crack by way of some type of matrix that isolated them from reality. Like the title observe implies, the boys claimed their individual district. “My Pace” follows following and phone calls out the avoidable comparisons that people today make with many others in its place of staying in their lane and executing their have detail. “I am YOU” provides this collection to an conclude and serves as a concept of solidarity, exactly where a single sees themselves in yet another that not only reflects them but also can help them get the job done their issues out. Notice that the glitch is omnipresent in all the representative new music movies, so tracing the continuity of functions. out?v=x_oHzyRUvC0

7. BTS – “Love Yourself”

BTS has generally tackled the youth thought due to the fact their debut with the college trilogy that involves “2 Great 4 Skool,” “O!RUL8,2?” and “Skool Luv Affair.” But it is not until eventually the HYYH era when they took the viewers into a 3-way route to mirror on “The Most Lovely Minute in Everyday living.”

A pair of comebacks later, the septet released an additional journey with a trilogy adaptation to seem into the depths of self-appreciate. From describing what adore feels like as a result of “DNA” (“Love Oneself: Her”) to noticing the truth driving it in “Fake Love” (“Love Oneself: Tear”) and all the way to the reality about enjoy that is merely self-appreciate in “IDOL” (“Love On your own: Answer”), the boys have fundamentally composed a manual to navigating one’s feelings and finding to the base of it with a self-reassuring resolution. The bonus of this newest trilogy to date is that there is loads of cinematography to aid link the dots of this storyline, namely by using the intros’ songs movies. at?v=EHdK5U2hf4o

Honorable mentions:

NCT DREAM – “We Youthful,” “We Go Up,” and “We Increase.”

GFRIEND – Superior college trilogy: “Season of Glass,” “Flower Bud,” and “Snowflake.”

IZ*A single – Flower trilogy: “COLOR*IZ,” “HEART*IZ,” and “BLOOM*IZ.”

SEVENTEEN – Boyhood trilogy: “17 Carat,” “Boys Be,” and “Love & Letter.”

Which K-pop trilogy storyline blows your brain the most? Permit us know in the feedback below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan energetic dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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