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Accused of getting a lousy influence on Shanon Wong, Atthala Naufal is defended by Verrell Bramasta

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Verrell Bramasta put on a entire body for his sister, Athalla Naufal who is said to have introduced destructive habits to his girlfriend, Shannon Wong. Venna Melinda’s eldest son defended Athalla simply because he knew quite very well the nature and character of his sister.

This was induced by a conflict amongst Shannon Womg and his dad and mom. Athalla’s identify was talked about after a online video circulated about Shannon admitting to remaining a target of her parents’ violence for 12 a long time.

Nevertheless, Sharon, Shannon Wong’s young brother, built a distinctive assertion. Sharon, claimed it was normal for her father to be offended that Shannon went out with a man her father failed to approve of and came property drunk.

“The spirit of the deck, you really don’t have to have to clarify you to everyone. Individuals who really like you, will not want it, people today who detest you is not going to think it,” wrote Verrell Bramasta defending Athalla on his Instagram account, Monday (7/2).

Verrell said Athalla was a superior kid and the delight of his mother and father. The actress in the soap opera Putri for Prince thinks that numerous men and women are uncomplicated to accuse instead than confess their own issues.

“Several people are improved off searching for someone’s faults than admitting their very own errors. We’ve been through a great deal and we’re all very pleased, you are however a great kid. Always preserve your spirits up,” reported Verrell Bramasta.

In his add on Instagram, Verrell Bramasta posted a photo with Athalla Naufal and his father, Ivan Fadilla. The three of them smiled cheerfully.

“Adek, very good boy. We have been by a lot in everyday living, even nevertheless you might be hectic now and rarely see you, but I’m guaranteed you are a excellent kid, hold up the spirit, deck,” concluded Verrell Bramasta.

Verrell Bramasta.  (Seno/

Verrell Bramasta. (Seno/