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Angelica Simperler Presents Up on Relationship to Bryan Andrew

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Immediately after broadcasting the Father’s Will Match Chapter 2 and Forced to Marry Tuan Muda, ANTV all over again presents its most recent local collection titled Love in Matchmaking.

Generated by Verona Photos, this sequence tells the tale of two young people today who do not know each individual other but have to come across and satisfy each other in buy to have out the mandate of the matchmaking of their dead moms and dads. Appreciate in Matchmaking airs from Monday, November 15, 2021, every single day at 16.30 WIB.

“This sequence offers an attention-grabbing adore storyline with an uncommon matchmaking tale but is peppered with tragedy and loved ones drama in it. We hope that Love in Matchmaking will be the spectacle of alternative for faithful ANTV viewers,” reported Kiki Zulkarnain, ANTV’s Chief Application & Communication Officer.

Really like in Matchmaking tells the tale of Nayla (Angelica Simperler), a sort and cheerful lady who lives a simple everyday living with her mom. Nayla’s mom, Sarah, intends to set her up with the youngster of Adrianto, a mate from her earlier. Gio (Bryan Andrew), Adrianto’s son, has just completed his education in Germany and returned to Indonesia.

At initially, Nayla and Gio ended up skeptical about this matchmaking simply because they didn’t know each and every other at all and failed to even know each other’s faces. Till a tragedy transpired, Nayla was involved in a vehicle incident with her mom and father Gio and only Nayla survived the fatal accident.

Soon after the accident, Nayla’s lifetime is not serene because it turns out that the incident was intentional and Nayla is the only eye witness. Nayla is pressured to find Gio in buy to satisfy her mother’s wish. Furthermore with Gio who is hunting for Nayla devoid of any clues for the reason that the previous mandate from his father is to come across and protect Nayla.

When the two of them consider to uncover the determine behind their parents’ accident, there is a figure named Azka (Rendy Septino). Azka is the boss wherever Nayla functions who is also the man amongst Nayla and Gio’s matchmaking tale. Will the match between Nayla and Gio finish as their mothers and fathers desire?