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Apink And BTOB Demonstrate Off Their Longtime Friendship In Adorable Backstage Picture

Apink and BTOB carry on to display off their heartwarming friendship!

BTOB debuted beneath Cube Entertainment in 2012, though Apink debuted under A Cube Leisure, an impartial label of Cube Enjoyment, in 2011. The Apink members previously qualified at Cube Entertainment, main to a shut friendship with the BTOB users.

(A Cube Leisure was later acquired by Kakao Leisure and underwent many title changes. The company is now identified as IST Leisure after its merger with Cre.ker Amusement.)

On February 25, Apink’s Hayoung shared a image taken backstage at a songs display with the BTOB and Apink members. The groups are keeping each and every other’s signed albums and the caption reads, “BTOPINK’s ‘Dilemma’ and ‘The Tune.’”

Hayoung also shared a picture of what BTOB experienced composed on their album: “To Apink sunbae! Really don’t leave this in the car or truck, don’t use it as a potholder, if you’re going to toss it out, just give it back… Congratulations on your comeback. Let’s always be happy and wholesome.”

Apink and BTOB not long ago each performed on “Music Bank.” Apink is promoting their new distinctive album “HORN” and title track “Dilemma,” even though BTOB is advertising their 3rd studio album “Be Together” and title monitor “The Track.”

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