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At any time experienced a fight with Dewi Perssik and Uya Kuya, Denise Chariesta is not frightened of Haji Faisal’s summons

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Denise Chariesta was outlined as the person who was summoned by Haji Faisal. Previously, Sandy Arifin, Haji Faisal’s law firm, despatched an open subpoena to people today calling Fuji the perpetrator.

Sandy did not point out who he was referring to. However, netizens’ interest was straight away drawn to Deniae Chariesta.

Denise Chariesta herself admits that she is not frightened to deal with Haji Faisal’s subpoena. The experience of conflict with Dewi Perssik to Uya Kuya appeared to make his guts layered.

“If you say I am afraid, I really don’t have any dread. Versus Depe and Uya and my family members, I’m not fearful, due to the fact I do not really feel responsible,” reported Denise Chariesta.

So far, Denise Chariesta has not imagined about utilizing a attorney to face Haji Faisal’s subpoena. Denise was confident to facial area Haji Faisal’s aspect by itself.

“On my own, since I’m not responsible. I am not unemployed like those who go back and forth to report. I truly feel sorry for the law enforcement, there are continue to a ton of function that are nevertheless staying taken treatment of by the law enforcement,” stated Denise Chariesta.