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Benny Simanjuntak Says Jonathan Frizzy and Ririn Dwi Ariyanti’s Closeness is Reasonable

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Household rift Jonathan Frizzy with Dhena Devanka dragging the name Ririn Dwi Ariyanti. Ririn is widely referred to as the third human being driving Ijonk’s conflict with Dhena.

Benny Simanjuntak, Jonathan Frizzy’s uncle, spoke about the rumors of his nephew’s affair with Ririn Dwi Ariyanti. In accordance to Benny, it was only purely natural for Ijonk to be near to Ririn. Due to the fact they are usually paired in cleaning soap operas.

“We have to glimpse at the context 1st, that there ought to be chemistry among the co-stars. Like it or not, that closeness will absolutely materialize,” reported Benny Simanjuntak, even though showing up on Feny Rose’s YouTube content.

According to Benny Simanjuntak, closeness Jonathan Frizzy with Ririn Dwi Ariyanti can not be immediately interpreted that they have a special connection. Simply because what they do is component of the requires of the situation.

“And following I questioned Ijonk (to demonstrate), he stated that his jealousy was an intimacy that had been arranged by the movie director, for the marketing of the film and that had been talked over with Ijonk’s dad and mom-in-regulation,” explained Benny.

“His father-in-law stated he was not a mukhrim, Ijonk was seeking for his dollars in the movie, how could he not have make contact with with ladies,” he ongoing.

Jonathan Frizzy’s divorce procedure with Dhena Devanka is at present continue to rolling in the South Jakarta Spiritual Courtroom. In addition to the divorce problem, Ijonk and Dhena are also undergoing a process at the South Jakarta Law enforcement with regards to allegations of domestic violence (KDRT).