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Billed by Rachel Vennya, Medina Zein Instantly Turns Off Remarks

TABLOIDBINTANG.COMMedina Zein termed a millionaire for the reason that he has quite a few corporations, a single of the most successful is the enterprise of attractiveness merchandise. Having said that, guiding his prosperity, Medina Zein is mentioned to be in credit card debt to the superstar Rachel Vennya.

The news was broadly talked about on social media right after Rachel Vennya commented on the upload Medina Zein which contains a bill to promptly shell out off the personal debt.

To begin with Medina Zein uploaded a posing photo showing off his style style with batik and carrying a brown bag and large heels Maroon.

“Hello burberry gangs,” Medina Zein wrote captioning the picture on the @medinazein account on Friday (27/8).

But not since of design and style or trend When Medina Zein was viewed, netizens highlighted Rachel Vennya’s writing in the responses column for Ayu Azhari’s sister-in-law’s add. Rachel with her @rachelven account appeared to give a agency statement, charging her income to Medina Zein.

“I’m waiting for today, you should fork out off my dollars,” wrote Rachel Vennya.

It is not however recognized what Rachel Vennya’s expression meant in the remarks column of Medina Zein’s put up. On the other hand, from the sentence issued, netizens concluded that Medina owed Rachel Vennya.

Rachel Vennya (Instagram)

Rachel Vennya (Instagram)

“Model 1st, personal debt later,” wrote one netizen on the gossip account.

“A lot of types, lots of debts,” yet another netizen stated.

“The identify is also a write-up demand, I say. You have to look uwow even while I borrow money, appropriate?” claimed netizens with sarcastic sentences.

Till this news aired, Medina Zein and Rachel Vennya could not be contacted for information and facts about their uploads on Instagram.

Medina Zein also right away turned off the comment column on her Instagram as quickly as netizens caught Rachel Vennya’s comments. Even so, quite a few gossip accounts upload Rachel Vennya’s feedback on Instagram Medina Zein and is now heading viral.