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BLACKPINK To No For a longer period Accept Admirer Items

YG Amusement has announced that BLACKPINK will no for a longer period be accepting enthusiast items.

Hello there, this is the manager in charge of [BLACKPINK’s] admirer support.

We would like to make an announcement concerning lover assistance to the fans who always give their assistance to BLACKPINK and for whom we are grateful.

This year, the BLACKPINK associates celebrated the fifth anniversary of their debut and, at the time again, been given additional congratulations from the supporters than they could at any time have requested for. Following the BLACKPINK members very carefully debated for a extensive time over the problem of the fan assistance and presents that their admirers have poured their hearts into preparing all these years, we are earning this complicated announcement.

We will respectfully no lengthier be accepting any lover help or mailed gifts that lovers put together to celebrate BLACKPINK’s specific instances, these types of as anniversaries (the group’s debut anniversary, solo debut anniversaries, or birthdays), broadcasts (new music displays, radio displays, or wide variety demonstrates), or concert events (snacks, celebratory wreaths).

We would be grateful if you would give the gifts and supporter guidance you get ready to convey your like and rejoice these exclusive times to spots exactly where they are extra desired. Aside from admirer letters, please keep in intellect that any mailed presents or delivered offers will be possibly returned or thrown away. We talk to for fans’ cooperation and being familiar with.

We will be employing this coverage as of Oct 12, 2021.

Thanks to the aid of their admirers, BLACKPINK will carry on to pursue an even wider assortment of actions in the upcoming, and they will work difficult to turn into even cooler artists. Make sure you continue to give them heaps of fascination and love.

Thank you.