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Bonds of Love Episode 1: Aldebaran and Andin’s Very first Meeting

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – The very first episode of the cleaning soap opera Bond of Love introduces the primary figures. Andin (Amanda Manopo) is a lecturer candidate who has a young sister named Elsa.

Elsa’s parents had been really pampered, so Andin usually gave in. Elsa’s thesis only, Andin does. What Andin has, Elsa wants it. Like Andin’s lover, Nino. Secretly, Elsa likes Nino.

One time, on the street Andin was grabbed, until eventually he fell. His baggage fell on the avenue. It so transpired that Aldebaran (Arya Saloka) was passing by and saw this incident.

Arya got out of her motor vehicle and assisted Andin. “Are you okay?” requested Al though supporting Andin to stand up and hold his shoulder.

Andin feels not comfortable. “I’m wonderful. I can do it myself,” mentioned Andin as he permit go of Aldebaran.

“No need to Ge-er. I just want assistance, no modusin why you. Road aja you are unable to, “mentioned Al in a incredibly unique fashion awesome. Al took Andin to the cafe he was heading to. Both of them were however indifferent.

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