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Clop in Enjoy Bonds Predicted to Day in Authentic Daily life, Ayya Renita Talks About Relationship Ikbal Fauzi

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Remark column on the past add of the Instagram account Ayya ​​Renita out of the blue boisterous.

They strengthened Ayya immediately after understanding that Ikbal Fauzi Firdaus would consider the marriage with the female of his choice, Novia Giana Nurjanah, on March 21, 2021.

“Miss Kiki Ayya Renita is client. It turns out that Mas Dul has located her soul mate,” wrote the operator of the account @putri ****.

“What about Overlook Kiki, really, Rendy acquired married,” exclaimed the operator of the @aniq **** account.

Ayya ​​Renita - Ikbal Fauzi.  (Special)

Ayya ​​Renita – Ikbal Fauzi. (Particular)

Ayya ​​Renita stunned. He felt that Ikbal Fauzi’s private daily life was none of his business enterprise. Yet another case in the Bond of Adore. Their absurd story invitations laughter.

Ayya ​​is ridiculous about Ikbal. Something was accomplished for Ikbal’s sake. Not with Ikbal. He did not return Ayya Renita’s enjoy. In Ikatan Cinta, Ayya plays Kiki, the home assistant of the Alfahri family.

Meanwhile, Ikbal Fauzi plays Abdullah Rendy, a personalized assistant who is also Aldebaran Alfahri (Arya Saloka) ‘s appropriate hand person. Their silliness makes viewers frequently match them up in true lifestyle.

“Mbak Kiki, how is your reaction, Mas Rendy would like to get married? How is the destiny of the Kidul son (Kiki Abdullah),” questioned a netizen on Insta Story.

“Ikbal Fauzi is not the a single who needs to get married, not Abdullah Rendy,” stated ex-girlfriend of comedian Anwar Sanjaya. from his Instagram Insta Story, Friday (12/3).

“So the Kidul son will continue to be here alongside with his mother and father, fellas. And continue to on the way once again, Aladdin,” he added. Ayya ​​Renita.

Aladin is the merged identify of Aldebaran and Andin. Kiki and Mirna (Chika Waode) definitely hope that their employer has a boy or girl from their marriage and that the baby is predicted to be named Aladin.


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