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Collaboration with Arfa Band, Aris Idol for the Initially Time Delivers Spiritual Single

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – In the midst of sluggish gigging functions thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, Januarisman or also identified as Aris Idol grateful to have the possibility to collaborate with Arfa Band. The pop band is made up of Dido Ledzian (keyboardist and guitarist), Calvin (guitarist), Biya Pormes (bassist), Febyan (drummer), and Arfa Marqia (vocalist).

Aris Idol’s collaboration with Arfa Band gave beginning to a religious solitary entitled “Jalan LurusMu”, which was established by Dido. “The inspiration for this track arrives from a own existence journey, where by individuals experience that their initiatives are plenty of, but there are no outcomes. It is really much more about reminding men and women to keep undertaking very good, even although there are no benefits,” described Dido, on the sidelines of shooting a online video clip at DS Studio , Bekasi, West Java, Saturday (14/8).

For Aris Idol, this is his initially practical experience bringing a religious one. There are difficulties, especially in the appreciation of the lyrics. “From the approach of reciting the song, you have to genuinely examine it. Spiritual tracks are diverse from other tracks, they have to match the concept so that they can reach listeners,” mentioned the singer who was born January 25, 1988,

Aris Idol collaborated with Arfa Band to bring a religious single entitled Jalan LurusMu.  (Ari/

Aris Idol collaborated with Arfa Band to carry a religious solitary entitled Jalan LurusMu. (Ari/

Aris Idol admits that the lyrics of the song Jalan LurusMu are very touching for him individually. As is identified, Aris’s vocation has been marked by lots of challenges, ranging from domestic troubles to lawful situations. Aris hopes that the launch of his solitary this time can be a momentum to transfer in a better way. “Ideally it can get much better,” he stated.

Distinctive from Aris Idol, Arfa currently has working experience singing religious music. Arfa admitted that he did not discover any important troubles through the recording process with Aris. “Yes, I want it, like what Kak Aris said, it should be additional animating,” he explained.

Furthermore, there is one thing attention-grabbing about the procedure of building the online video clip for Jalan LurusMu. On that celebration, all Arfa Band and Aris Idol staff wore batik-patterned dresses. Seemingly, there is a separate message guiding it.

“We want to invite young men and women to be able to protect their very own culture, particularly batik. Since outsiders like it, we will not. We want to prove that batik is not usually synonymous with dad and mom or friends, but is also suited for young small children to put on,” described Arfa.

In accordance to the strategy, the single Jalan StraightMu will be introduced subsequent October. “Ideally, this one can be accepted by the general public and convey a good concept to absolutely everyone who listens,” said Edy Stinky as producer.

Aris Idol collaborated with Arfa Band to bring a religious single entitled Jalan LurusMu.  (Ari/

Aris Idol collaborated with Arfa Band to convey a religious one entitled Jalan LurusMu. (Ari/