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Curious, Marshel Widianto Purchases Dea OnlyFans Vulgar Content material for IDR 1.5 Million

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Marshel Widianto verified that he had bought Dea OnlyFans vulgar pics and movies instantly to his human being with out intermediaries. Apart from supporting the financial state, Marshel admitted that he was curious about Dea’s videos on a paid web site, OnlyFans.

“Why invest in? I’m also curious, the remaining content trade. He gave me the material, I gave income,” explained Marshel Widianto when met at Polda Metro Jaya, Thursday (7/4).

The curly-haired comic disclosed that his authentic intention was only to assist Dea OnlyFans. The motive, Marshel felt touched in his heart to aid. He felt sorry for Dea, who was willing to present off her human body just for income.

Marshel Widianto is being questioned at the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Polda Metro Jaya.  (Supriyanto/

Marshel Widianto is currently being questioned at the Prison Investigation Device of the Polda Metro Jaya. (Supriyanto/

“Actually, I could have seemed for a no cost website link (porn online video), but I definitely required to assistance. Since I feel sorry for him. I feel what he feels. It’s possible I’m the 1 who can assist him,” explained Marshel Widianto.

The performer at the Tendean Clinic also unveiled that he bought Dea OnlyFans video clips for 1.5 million. Even then, he only noticed the Dea OnlyFans video clips and pictures.

“Rp 1.5 (million) for each google push. I was presented a password, soon after that I deleted it, the password is gone. So I just watched it once, choose a peek,” explained Marshel Widianto.

Marshel emphasized that the video he acquired was only viewed when and not for personal use allow by yourself disseminated. The comic with curly hair did not have time to preserve Dea OnlyFans videos. Marshel was resigned mainly because he did not genuinely want to have the pornographic online video.

Marshall Widianto.  (doc.IST)

Marshall Widianto. (doc.IST)