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Deddy Corbuzier Sentil Denny Darko: It is a Lie and Not Leisure!

TABLOIDBINTANG.COMDeddy Corbuzier infected. He stated that YouTuber who is also a fortune teller, Denny Darko, gave a untrue assertion proclaiming that he knew he was unwell with Covid-19 at that time.

Through his Instagram, Thursday (26/8), he shared a screenshot that contains an on the internet media report. There is a assertion created by Denny Darko as quoted from his most current online video, Wednesday (25/8).

“Me confess I truly know that he is getting addressed for Covid-19 indicators. Even however I know he is recovered,” Denny explained in the video, which has now disappeared.

Deddy Corbuzier firmly denied Denny Darko’s confession. In accordance to him, what Denny claimed was a lie. Deddy built sure that no a single understood that he was sick with Covid-19 and nearly died, besides for five folks he named the Generals.

“I don’t want to speak about fortune-telling soon after Ms. you.. Because for me it truly is all just amusement.. I was also a magician and many others. Leisure.. Additionally, I know the man or woman.. But when you tell me you know… Which is presently a lie and not leisure explained the father of just one kid.

“When I viewed the initial video. Effectively it’s improper enjoyment that is alright.. When the next online video you currently know simply because an individual told you, No, you never know… For the reason that no just one knows… My loved ones would not either You know… Those who know I am unwell are no a lot more than 5 men and women and nearly all of them are Generals of the RSPAD which is my own brother. And they swear, “ he ongoing.

Deddy Corbuzier was forced to talk and question to halt his lies. He respects Denny Darko’s existing job. Only he proposed to use it as enjoyment.

“Why did not I meet you immediately? Since you did not go directly to me but the media. I imagined you ended up close friends,” cried the widower Kalina Oktarani.

Traced in the remarks column, Denny Darko did not go away a path of responses or clarifications to straighten his assertion. What you can see is the reviews of some colleagues Deddy fellow magician, this sort of as Bow Vernon and Demian Aditya.