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Denisse Chariesta Phone calls Iqlima Kim a Lie About Sexual Harassment

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Hotman Paris’ feud with his previous personal assistant, Iqlima Kim, is finding hotter. Hotman denied all of Iqlima’s accusations, and unveiled a selection of evidences to reinforce his confession.

A range of functions have eventually opened their voices about the Hotman Paris conflict with Iqlima Kim. Just one of them is the software Denise Chariesta, who defended Hotma by an upload on her particular Instagram account, @denisechariesta91. Denise explained that Iqlima Kim was only social climbing or social assistance. Also with law firm Razman Nasution, who accompanied Iqlima.

“It is far better if you finish to start with, it truly is a make any difference with Bang Hotman. You will not have any shame in social assistance,” said Denise Chariesta, in the online video she uploaded.

“Due to the fact considering that you needed social aid, you’re defending an unclear female, you’re not as well known as Hotman, so I’m lazy to sit with you, I you should not want to do that, you know,” he continued.

As proof that Hotman Paris experienced exposed on her Instagram, Densise Chariesta explained that Iqlima Kim herself despatched images of her with negligible clothing to Hotman.

“It can be been established that he is a social worker, Hotman’s business is plainly a girl, so I just want to ship shots. For instance, if he alleges that he was harassed in February, it really is crystal clear that March is nevertheless dancing and clubbing Kim with Bang Hotman. Cook dinner indeed he desires to go out with Bang Hotman just after being harassed,” he said additional.