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Desiree Tarigan At the time Sued Muliana Tarigan Demanding Recognition as a Child

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Desiree Tarigan and Hotma Sitompul’s feud is nevertheless ongoing, the two of them accuse just about every other, which effects in experiences to the law enforcement for spreading slander and having away their parents’ land.

Later, a new point emerged that Desiree Tarigan was not Muliana Tarigan’s biological kid. In fact, Desiree when sued Muliana to be identified as a foster baby.

Reporting from the official website of the South Jakarta District Court, Desiree filed a lawsuit on July 10, 2018 with circumstance selection 510 / Pdt.G / 2018 / PN JKT.SEL, classification of Illegal Functions.

In the ongoing authorized procedure, the South Jakarta District Court Judges also granted the lawsuit. The next is the contents of the lawsuit that ended up granted:

– Said that the defendant experienced dedicated an illegal act towards the plaintiff.

– Point out the defendant’s actions, particularly to treatment for the plaintiff as his baby to be nurtured, cared for and raised to adulthood. Like his own youngster is a authorized act of adoption.

-Stating that Desiree Atenghena Tarigan is a legally adopted or adopted child of Muliana Tarigan (Muliana Bangun) and the late Mulia Tarigan.

-To sentence the defendant to submit to implementing the verdict of this case.

-Charge the defendant the costs incurred in this case.



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