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Dicky Cheung the Magical Ape When Almost Bankrupt, Fortunate to be Helped by Andy Lau

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Dicky Cheung gained acceptance as a result of the purpose of Sunlight Go Kong in the collection Journey to the West, which aired in Indonesia under the title Kera Sakti. Like his contemporaries, Dicky also tried using his luck in the planet of singing.

Regretably his singing job was not as successful as his achievements in acting. Whilst many of his colleagues grew to become effective singers, Dicky struggled to provide his albums. In addition, the history corporation wherever he belongs does not market his do the job. Dicky in no way blamed his label for ignoring him. “I know how far I can go. I’m not fantastic at singing or dancing, and I are unable to make music. Why ought to record corporations encourage me?” he stated as revealed by

Dicky Cheung.  (doc.IST)

Dicky Cheung. (doc.IST)

Unfortunately, Dicky then knowledgeable a economical shock. His economic issue was hit by the entire world financial crisis in 1997. Dicky dropped a good deal of cash and virtually filed for bankruptcy. Fortunately, Dicky got support from actor Andy Lau. “Andy Lau cast me for one particular of his movies. He also lent me cash. I am incredibly grateful, even to this day,” said Dicky Cheung.

Obtaining been at the peak and also suffering from the cheapest level in his career, turned a precious encounter for Dicky.

“In the golden age, I was offered at the very least one film a day. I am assured a put. In my worst instances I had no perform at all. I have acquired that you have to operate your hardest no issue what. Only then will you get effects. You need to have to keep on to practice your self, and press oneself to establish, so that you will be prepared to confront every obstacle,” claimed Dicky Cheung wisely.