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Dinar Candy Hurts Ridho Illahi, Regrets Offering a Motor vehicle Worth IDR 250 Million?

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Dinar Sweet is still crying above his separation from Ridho Illahi. 5 months of courtship broke up many moments, the two last but not least chose to independent. Dinar hurt. Also disappointed.

He did not deny that it was Ridho’s facet who finished it all. “He made the decision,” said Dinar, quoted from the Uya Kuya Tv set YouTube channel which was just uploaded on Friday (11/3) afternoon.

The information circulating the lead to of their separation was material. In advance of breaking up, Dinar purchased Ridho a motor vehicle for Rp 250 million. In the meantime, Ridho gave a diamond Dinar of the similar worth.

“I exchanged gifts but the cost was the exact same. (I gave him a motor vehicle) Rp. 250 million. He gave me a diamond of Rp. 250 million. Positive (the rate of the diamond was Rp. 250 million). Our people went to the shop together,” said Dinar, introducing that the diamond was purchased with Ridho’s funds. .

Dinar reiterated that he and Ridho ended up only confined to exchanging items. It is not real that the news said he purchased Ridho a auto. “(The truth of the matter is) exchanging gifts, exchanging items,” he said.

“So what truly manufactured you crack up?” requested Uya Kuya curiously.

“Troubles piled up. Annoyance. Sure, he determined, a moment of emotion,” Dinar answered.

Even nevertheless they broke up, they had been not hostile even even though the conversation went one particular way. They pray for each individual other to obtain the most effective mate in the upcoming.