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DJ Una admits he missing his identity after obtaining married and having youngsters

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Princess Una or better regarded DJ Una gained popularity by way of the potent celebration RCTI. His energetic visual appeal with colorful appearances was generally awaited by the fiercely faithful viewers at that time. Shortly Una disappeared from circulation. Reportedly he was banned from his husband’s vocation.

To Melaney Ricardo on Melaney Ricardo’s YouTube channel which was uploaded on Monday (7/3), Una uncovered the explanation why she disappeared from staying horrible. Apart from the magnificent thought improve, he is also targeted off water and re-branding.

“It truly is terrible, I’m definitely childish with neon shades and pigtails like that. I rebranded like an adult a person move more. So I really don’t have pigtails and it is really truly neon any more,” claimed Una.

It turned out that Una’s re-branding method was not fully profitable. “So it would not appear to be like what I expected. But I’m still struggling. It truly is not a big point. I am even now going,” stated Una.

Una then made the decision to get married. Una’s marriage to Irsan Ramadhan was held on July 9 2017. Right after 7 months, Una gave delivery to her 1st son, Kyrie Arnatama.

DJ Una married DJ Irsan Ramadhan on July 9, 2017. (instagram/putri una)

DJ Una married DJ Irsan Ramadhan on July 9, 2017. (instagram/putri una)

“Effectively, it was like I experienced shed my identity in excess of and above yet again. There were many modifications, come to feel Like I am a mother, I shell out a whole lot of time having care of kids. At that time, a lot of new DJs appeared,” mentioned Una.

“It’s possible people exterior see it as ordinary but it truly is a new stress too. Then get back in the mood (to DJ yet again), can I still do it? guidance which makes me assured (self-assured) again,” he ongoing. (eng)