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Do this on the plane, Andy Lau helps make the flight attendants enchanted

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Superstar status does not make Andy Lau act as he likes. Instead, he treats many others with respect. Such as the flight attendants who provide him when traveling applying professional plane.

According to a Hong Kong airline flight attendant, Andy Lau is very common with cabin crew. The reason, he was usually well mannered to the flight attendant. A single proof of his decency is to return the plate to the flight attendant using each hands right after finishing taking in. This is not often finished by plane passengers. Inevitably, this angle also fascinated the flight attendants.

“Even though this is a incredibly uncomplicated act, not many passengers in fact do this,” described one particular flight attendant who asked not to be named as quoted by TodayOnline.

There is a person additional incident that designed the flight attendants admire Andy Lau even more. At the time, Andy Lau flew from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong on your own, with no supervisor or personal assistant in sight. Andy who is sitting down in small business class appears to have arrive house from going to the family members of his wife, Carol Chu, who is from Malaysia.

The flight attendant claimed that on the flight, Andy Lau took out his laptop. He then gazed lovingly at the shots of himself with Carol for most of the flight. He was not even ashamed to do that in entrance of the flight attendant who served him. The flight attendant mentioned what Andy Lau did still left a very deep perception on him.

Writer Hutapea Binsar

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo