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Doddy Sudrajat Highlighted for Forgetting the Day of Birth of Gala Sky, His Grandson

TABLOIDBINTANG.COMDoddy Sudrajat again into the spotlight of netizens. This time it truly is similar to his look in podcast YouTube Gilang Dirga.

Doddy Sudrajat seemed nervous when requested by Gilang Dirga about the birth day of Gala Sky, the son of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah. Many netizens acquire this as proof that Doddy pays minimal focus to his grandson.

Questioned to comment on the viral clip, Doddy Sudrajat right away smiled. Doddy said that he did not know anyone’s date of beginning. Including himself.

“By no means intellect the Gala (beginning) day, it is really Daddy’s birthday just do not know. That’s why Vanessa was reminded at that time, she was termed, ‘Daddy’s birthday’. Daddy doesn’t even know. Forget it,” claimed Doddy Sudrajat, when identified in the Brawijaya area, South Jakarta, Tuesday (30/11).

Gala Sky, son of Vanessa Angel.  (Special)

Gala Sky, son of Vanessa Angel. (Exclusive)

Doddy Sudrajat reported he did not want to bother with netizen opinions about this.

“It is really ok, I don’t want to remark on the problem. Anyway, I want to emphasis on 40 days (Vanessa Angel’s review),” he mentioned.

Moreover, Doddy Sudrajat made a decision to maintain back. Doddy, who was previously emotional in responding to the donation for the Gala Sky, now appears more comfortable.

“I don’t want to remark on the trouble. I want to concentrate on 40 days. Just inquire Bang Milano, we’re nevertheless looking for a fantastic formulation to file (the lawsuit) to the Central Jakarta Court docket.