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Duh, Antonio Blanco Jr. is jealous of Brian and Zoe Abbas’ like because of this …

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – type = “text-align: justify”>A Wife’s Diary (BHSI) succeeded in competing with cleaning soap operas The Bond of Like, who is getting the prima donna. Keeping in the top rated 3, a couple days ago BHSI experienced shifted Amanah Wali 4 and perched at range 2, with a TVR of 5.4 and an viewers share of 21.6 %.

The desire in cyberspace and the genuine earth for this soap opera is also at its large. Primarily if it weren’t for the disturbing scenes in between the most important people, Mas Dewa (Cinta Brian) and Nana (Zoe Abbas). Married simply because he was forced, Dewa eventually fell in like with Nana since of his sincerity and tenderness. On the other hand, Pasha (Antonio Blanco Jr.) —God’s half-sister, who disguises himself as the Bodyguard of this spouse and children — secretly starts to slide in appreciate with Nana.

Nana, who frequently receives assaults, is usually aided by Dewa and Pasha. Previous week, in the virtual push tour session we had the possibility to see the immediate interactions of BHSI stars. The major stars of BHSI, Cinta Brian, Zoe Abbas, Antonio Blanco Jr., and Hana Saraswati, have been in truth shut at the rear of the scenes. They like to joke, tease each other.

Although detailing her part and character progress, Cinta teased Zoe, “Who’s normally your hero?” Zoe has not had time to solution, Antonio snatched up with a smile, “It is I, who is often there for Nana.” Love quickly argued. “I am Nana’s hero. I constantly save Nana. ” Zoe just smiled at the ridiculousness of these two colleagues. Rebutted several times by Cinta, Antonio wailed. Once more like on the monitor, he experienced to give in and expression stifled sad.

Antonio as Pasha who often saves Nana

Antonio as Pasha who normally saves Nana

“In no way brain, really don’t discuss the situation of partners right here, ah,” Hana reduce in with a smile. This is how familiar the BHSI players are. Make you baper huh, men?

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