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Enjoy: SHINee’s Essential Goes On Trip With Mates + Jun Hyun Moo Reveals His Messy New Household For 1st Time In “Home Alone” Preview

MBC’s “Home Alone” (“I Dwell Alone”) has shared a exciting sneak peek of its forthcoming episode that includes SHINee’s Important!

In a recently released preview for upcoming week’s episode, Essential goes on a camping journey collectively with some of the close friends he made throughout his army service. Vital describes, “I was the leader of my squad. I was truly section of the crew, and I felt responsible for the group. We experienced fantastic solidarity, and we were a pretty cohesive device.”

As the preview demonstrates Critical reducing his previous fellow soldiers’ hair, he reveals in voice-more than, “During my time in the military, I barely had any weekends. Simply because I was active giving haircuts [to the other soldiers].” On the other hand, irrespective of his practical experience, Vital has an unpredicted mishap even though applying a hair clipper on his mate.

Essential provides, “Whatever happens, we all giggle. Every time we’re together, anything becomes fun.”

The clip then moves on to Jun Hyun Moo, who shares, “Because the inside transforming of my household took a lengthy time, I’ve been living the everyday living of a wanderer [moving from temporary home to temporary home].”

Jun Hyun Moo goes on to reveal his recently transformed household for the to start with time—but it proves to be a good deal messier than expected. “I have a lot of stuff I have not been capable to manage nevertheless,” he describes, “so it’s form of chaos. My residence, like my system, urgently requires detoxing.”

The up coming episode of “Home Alone” will air on July 16. In the meantime, check out out the new preview down below!

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