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Enjoy: Track Kang And Park Min Young Give Off Genuine Couple Vibes In Ramen Day Scene In “Forecasting Love And Weather”

JTBC shared a at the rear of-the-scenes movie of Track Kang and Park Min Young’s ramen day in episode 9-10!

The preview starts off with the two actors sitting down at the bar, receiving their bowls of ramen. Park Min Young tells Music Kang, “You know you have to eat the egg very first, correct?” and Tune Kang claims, “I essentially just smush it,” making Park Min Young respond in horror.

As filming starts off, Park Min Youthful suggests they start off with the broth, and he agrees. While the cameras are on, the two actors showcase their natural chemistry as they share sweet smiles and loving looks with every other as they consume the ramen. As soon as the two eat the eggs, the director says “cut” and the two actors dive into the ramen in earnest. Tune Kang says, “It’s so fantastic,” and Park Min Young claims to the director, “I even held back on late-night time snacks because of this.”

The camera flashes to a shot of Oh Dae Hwan, creating a cameo as the ramen chef. Director Cha Young Hoon muses, “It’s exciting even watching [you two] just eat superior food items collectively,” and Park Min Youthful agrees, stating, “It has a vibe. It is because we’re genuinely passionate about ingesting.” Track Kang proves this issue by not even listening to the dialogue due to the fact he’s so absorbed in the ramen.

Soon after some much more ramen usually takes, they start off filming the cake scene. Park Min Youthful has a amusing reaction when she sees how in excess of-the-prime the cake is. The cake is basically intended for a distinctive couple, but Park Min Young receives shy and embarrassed herself at viewing the few.

Once the eating scenes are more than, Music Kang and Park Min Youthful get completely absorbed into their serious passionate dialogue and kiss. Dressed in wintertime coats, the two actors carefully rehearse each individual detail of the scene, from line intonation to the angle of their overall body actions. In the middle of this, Yoon Bak will come in from the chilly and sits down powering the camera to watch, playfully placing tension on the other actors.

Watch the video clip below!

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