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Eyang Putri, Basic Horror Motion picture About Relatives Heresies Terror

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – MAXstream releases original classic horror genre information entitled “Eyang Putri”, which will air exclusively from October 8, 2021. Collaborating with Banda Tera Studio 2019 and Lele Laila, the visual appeal of Eyang Putri also enriches the list of first horror style written content presented by MAXstream.

The presence of this authentic material reinforces MAXstream’s motivation as The House of Leisure for the group and persistently optimizes the likely of area filmmakers in advancing the regional Indonesian film marketplace.

MAXstream, the top and excellent on-demand from customers (VoD) movie material market position platform from Telkomsel, proceeds to shift forward in offering the most effective digital entertainment content material for shoppers.

This time, MAXstream collaborated with Banda Tera Studio 2019 to launch initial articles entitled ‘Eyang Putri’, a traditional horror film that tells the tale of occult terror in a family. The film ‘Eyang Putri’ can be viewed solely on MAXstream since Oct 8, 2021.

Vice President of Electronic Lifestyle Telkomsel Nirwan Lesmana said, “The existence of ‘Eyang Putri’ primary material is a continuation of Telkomsel’s commitment as a leading electronic telco to develop a electronic leisure company portfolio that can open wider options for neighborhood filmmakers to function as a result of the foremost VoD platform. MAXstream.

We also hope that this movie will inspire the artistic enrichment of high-quality MAXstream primary information that shoppers can love anytime and everywhere through digital technology.”

‘Eyang Putri’ is a movie created and manufactured by Lele Laila, the screenwriter for the movie Danur. This movie tells the story of Gendis (Sheila Dara Aisha) with her spouse, Reza (Miller Khan) and their baby, Anya (Shaquilla Nugraha) who witness numerous oddities in her grandmother, Eyang Sri (Marini Soerjosoemarno).

One particular evening Eyang Sri laughed like a kid, talked like an outdated guy and often hurt himself. More than time, Gendis discovers that this strangeness is an out-of-the-box occult terror that threatens the life of Gendis, his loved ones, and Grandmother Sri.