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Fitri Carlina Eager Her Partner To Marry Once again, This Is The Husband’s Reaction

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Fitri Carlina’s 7 a long time of marriage with Hendra Sumendap not often hear terrible information. On the other hand, lately the ark of his relationship is currently being tossed all around. For the reason that Fitri admits that she is ready and keen if her husband will remarry.

Not without having rationale, the lady born in Banyuwangi gave her partner permission to remarry for the reason that he experienced not been specified a youngster. Fitri’s confession was instantly stated on the Rumpi Trans Tv method a few days ago.

“My spouse and children and I look hopeless. Not to mention the opinions of netizens, neighbors, household, all varieties of issues. That type of will make me even more down. So before this, it seriously dropped,” said Fitri Carlina.

Fitri Carlina with Hendra Sumendap.  (Seno/

Fitri Carlina with Hendra Sumendap. (Seno/

He normally hears scorn from persons all around and closest to him, producing the “previous ABG” singer get rid of hope and willingly allow her spouse marry once again in buy to have youngsters.

“Sure, I’m sincere, if you seriously want to remarry, it can be alright,” explained Fitri Carlina to her partner.

However, the response from Fitri Carlina’s husband was unique. He firmly refused and rather gave encouragement and solutions that designed Fitri experience unfortunate and frustrated. The spouse also forbade to speak casually.

“But Mas Hendra mentioned ‘You never discuss nonsense like that simply because we guarantee to marry just before God, of course we are for lifetime no make any difference what happens’,” claimed Fitri repeating her husband’s text.

Fitri Carlina with Hendra Sumendap.  (Seno/

Fitri Carlina with Hendra Sumendap. (Seno/

The partner also said that the newborn and the child are basically sustenance from the Almighty so that it is beyond human manage.

“The newborn is a sustenance from God. It’s like we presently have a dedication, certainly,” mentioned Hendra to Fitri.

Even though they miss the presence of a newborn among Fitri Carlina and her spouse, in fact until eventually now they have not had the intention to undertake a kid. The couple who got married on September 14, 2014 are nevertheless hectic and will target much more on taking treatment of and having care of their nieces and nephews.

(Rara Dwi Citra)