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Formerly Stuntman Andy Lau, Now Du Yiheng Turns into A Renowned Actor

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – At first glance, this person and Andy Lau are like twins. They have a great deal in popular. Only when you search much more closely is there a distinction. Indeed, he was Du Yiheng. He begun his job as stuntman Andy Lau. Never ever believed he could turn into a genuine actor, accomplishing fame like the stars he experienced aided in the earlier.

Du Yiheng has been Andy Lau’s stuntman for much more than 10 decades. His resemblance to Andy Lau led to him getting provided a occupation as a stuntman, just after successful the fact exhibit, Super Star Impersonator in the early 2000s. Who refused? So the idol’s human body double is an honor. Even although he is familiar with the dangers, becoming a stuntman is not impossible to result in damage to loss of life.

Once, Du Yiheng nearly lost his lifestyle when he had to switch Andy Lau’s using scene. He pretty much died since the bridle was wrapped close to his entire body and the horse was raging with anxiety of anything. This despatched Du Yiheng traveling. Fortunately, Du Yiheng was nonetheless rescued and was not significantly injured.

Extensive time currently being Andy Lau’s stuntman, he felt that his life could not be a stuntman for good. He didn’t want to just be a stuntman. At last Du Yiheng dared to stage up, hoping to be a serious actor, from the smallest challenge. Gradually from little projects, he honed his performing competencies. Slowly and gradually, he was supplied roles, since he was deemed a low-cost model of Andy Lau.

Right until 2010, he acquired the guide position in the motion movie Lets Bullet Fly directed by Jian Wen. Since this movie, Du Yiheng has been flooded with film features from major manufacturing properties. To this day, Du Yiheng is identified as a person of the leading actors in Taiwan. He also won awards in the Outstabdibf Actor Honoraru class at the Asian Movie Awards, Persons Decision Awards at the Vancouver Chinese Film Festival.

“There are no shortcuts in life. We have to concentration our time and energy on what we have to do. Never complain and be robust. We can do improved with really hard function,” Du Yiheng wrote on his social media. At present Du Yiheng has performed a great deal in Tv series Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon, Love and Future, At any time Evening 2, more than 10 Tv series and effective to this day.

Writer Vallesca Souisa

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