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Freshly converted to Islam, YouTuber Delfano Charies is formally married to Namira Mamora taaruf

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – YouTuber Delfano Charies is officially married to hijab-wearing movie star Namira Mamora on Saturday (11/13) in Bandung, West Java. The 27-yr-previous person from Semarang introduced the content news of his marriage by way of his Instagram account @delvanocharies.

Delfano uploaded a video of a boomerang waving a white sunsa regular wind shirt, soon after holding the relationship agreement. In his submit, Delfano seemed as joyful as becoming kissed by Namira, who is now lawfully his wife.

Delfano also shared a bit of his romance with Namira Mamora. He exposed that it was the 1st time he fulfilled in particular person, he was determined to occur to Namira’s moms and dads to check with authorization to marry their daughter

“So the initially time we satisfied, I arrived to her dwelling and I questioned for permission from Namira’s mother and father to marry her daughter, the 2nd conference I brought my mama papa and sister to suggest to namira, Alhamdulillah this is the third time we have achieved and this 3rd conference @namiramamora Alhamdulillah presently be my wife,” Delfano wrote on his Instagram account after the marriage deal procedure.

Formally getting to be the head of the domestic, Delfano Charies also prayed that his marriage romantic relationship with Namita Mamora could dwell as extensive as feasible and acquire grace from God.

“Ideally our marriage will truly be a relationship that is blessed by Allah and will deliver God’s grace to our spouse and children,” concluded Delfano Charies.

Delfano and Namira’s happiness gained favourable responses from netizens. Many applaud and applaud Delfano’s move in deciding among converts to Islam and marriage with the taaruf method.

“Happy Weddings! Samawa, sis, fano and spouse,” wrote the @memeofkiflyf account.

“Where’s the voice of the Taaruf gang? Bismillah, are living in heaven, certainly, “explained the account @obinrobin.

In the comments column of Delfano’s publish, a lot of also asked about the beginning of their assembly. Delfano Charies is completely ready to open up about this.

“Hold out on YouTube, certainly (about the tale of the original conference with Namira),” answered Delfano.

Namira Mamora also gave information with regards to the wedding reception. He and Delfano Charies have just been through a relationship deal. “God prepared, the reception will be in January, please pray,” included Namira Mamora.