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Gilang Dirga Indignant at Fans of Lesti and Rizky Billar, Calls Leslar a Coward!

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Chat Gilang Dirga with Nikita Mirzani, which is broadcast on the Nuts Nikmir Serious YouTube channel, has a extensive tail. As a outcome of staying viewed as “nudged” Lesti and Rizky Billar, Gilang was attacked by Leslar’s fans.

As is recognised, Gilang Dirga and Nikita Mirzani mentioned the excitement of the marriage of the Lesti Kejora series with Rizky Billar. Gilang also briefly instructed Niki about staying overconfident and experience incredibly near to Lesti.

Seemingly Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar fans do not settle for what they are conversing about Gilang Dirga. Leslar Fans thinks Gilang is far too interfering in Lesti and Billar’s affairs and annoys them.

“Aa, Gilang is truly undesirable with Dede, let’s just know how Niki’s mouth is, even additional gossip, very poor Dede is disturbed,” just one netizen wrote to Gilang Dirga via Instagram immediate concept. The information was re-uploaded by Gilang on his Insta Tale.

Feeling disturbed, Gilang Dirga challenged Leslar Lovers to meet him in person. But no one particular dared to expose himself to upset Gilang.

“I’m CAPE AMA LESLAR Lovers Seeking Ahead THIS!!! wrote Gilang Dirga.

Rather of abating, Gilang Dirga truly received information from Leslar Fans. Just one of the messages from Leslar Fans was re-uploaded by Gilang on Insta Tale.

“That’s why bro, you really don’t have to be concerned about Lesty and billar’s lives. It can be greater to find beneficial conversations. You should not use other people’s issues as content or gossip. As seniors, ABG ought to aid Dede, not tell other people about Dede’s complications. What are they doing, oh Just after all, it is really their sin who bears it, they are accountable for it with Allah. My assistance is for you, don’t get way too associated with other people’s problems. It’s superior to just just take care of our lives very first, is there just about anything erroneous. netizens, who produced Gilang Dirga acquiring bloodier. “This is the way it is!” Gilan wrote.