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Han Ji Eun Talks About Her Passionate Kiss Scene With Lee Dong Wook In “Bad And Insane,” Wi Ha Joon’s “Squid Game” Fame, And A lot more

Actress Han Ji Eun a short while ago participated in an job interview with Athletics Chosun about her drama “Bad and Ridiculous.”

“Bad and Crazy” is a tvN drama from the writer and director of OCN’s “The Uncanny Counter,” about a able but corrupt law enforcement detective named Ryu Soo Yeol (Lee Dong Wook) and a crazy but righteous particular person named K (Wi Ha Joon). Han Ji Eun co-starred as Lee Hee Kyeom, a drug squad law enforcement lieutenant and Ryu Soo Yeol’s ex-girlfriend.

In the interview, Han Ji Eun claimed, “We filmed for six months, which is not a limited time, and suffered alongside one another by means of seriously incredibly hot times and actually cold times. I’m relieved that we completed safely and securely and grateful that so lots of individuals relished looking at the drama.”

Han Ji Eun, who is regarded for practicing Jeet Kune Do as a pastime, experienced numerous action scenes in the drama. “I believe that Jeet Kune Do served,” she stated. “Even although Jeet Kune Do is a genre-style martial art, it’s not exactly the same as action scenes onscreen. Also, Hee Kyeom’s foundation is judo, not Jeet Kune Do, so it was a small distinctive. But it did assist in the feeling that I was utilized to matching up with a sparring companion in Jeet Kune Do, so it was not tricky for me to do that with my stunt companions.”

She extra, “I went to motion faculty for about a thirty day period. They did not give me a ton of time, but Hee Kyeom is really an really skilled person. She obtained a gold medal in judo at a nationwide levels of competition and even throws guys. It was a good deal of work for me to develop that variety of character in a month. I went to motion university like clockwork each day, heading out in the early morning and coming residence in the evening. It was really tough and tiring but by some means it was also worry-relieving.”

A steamy kiss scene involving Han Ji Eun and Lee Dong Wook has about 1 million sights on YouTube. She stated, “When we did rehearsals, we shared a whole lot of suggestions. There was 1 suggestion about me getting on leading of him. The director advised us he wanted to see a intense, deep kiss. At first, I was just standing in the kiss scene, so in get to up the stage, there was absolutely nothing still left but to get on top of him. Lee Dong Wook predicted this as very well. He claimed afterwards, ‘I really do not think the kiss would have finished there in actual lifestyle.’ He wasn’t bothered [by me climbing into his lap] but he was amazed at the hair-pulling. I bought a minor way too immersed and he joked, ‘It felt like my hair was getting pulled out at the back.’”

She extra, “I really don’t have a ton of encounter with kissing scenes, so Lee Dong Wook led me perfectly. He gave me tips about how to show up to gain and what angle was best. The director was extremely pleased and stated, ‘It doesn’t sense uncomfortable and new. It seriously feels like you are ex-lovers who have done this right before.’ When I observed the closing outcome in the drama, I assumed, ‘Oh, it appears very fantastic.’ I only centered on what I was performing at the time, but the digital camera director filmed the scene seriously very well.”

Wi Ha Joon rose to worldwide fame for his job in Netflix’s “Squid Game” as “Bad and Crazy” was filming. Han Ji Eun mentioned, “We ended up all actually amazed on set. Lee Dong Wook normally teased him, stating, ‘You’re the sexiest male in the earth! Very pretty. You’re a entire world star!’ Wi Ha Joon would normally snicker and say, ‘No, I’m not,’ and he in no way brought it up himself. He didn’t show any indication of it at all, and he didn’t adjust at all on established. I’ve viewed him each before ‘Squid Game’ and soon after while doing work on this drama, and he is genuinely the exact person as ahead of. He receives ashamed when we point out it. He’s the actual similar, but my feelings about him adjusted. I couldn’t handle him like a community tiny brother any far more. It was intriguing, I was proud and satisfied for him, and it felt a very little like observing a celeb.”

About her upcoming drama with Hong Jong Hyun, she said, “My character, Mi Search engine optimization, is a quite brilliant, cheerful, and energetic character. She’s very distinctive from Hee Kyeom, but if I ended up to review her to a person else, she’s broadly very similar to Han Joo Na in ‘Melo Is My Nature‘ or Tae Ri in ‘Kkondae Intern.’ But the particulars are distinct, so I’m operating to express Mi Seo’s uniqueness.”

Check out Han Ji Eun in “Melo Is My Nature” below!

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