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Husband Sends to Establish Friendship with Ahmad Dhani, Maia Estianty’s Reaction Is Unforeseen

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Maia Estianty satisfied her ex-spouse, Ahmad Dhani once again. The conference minute happened during the application ceremony of Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah previous Saturday (13/3).

Maia arrived alongside with other idol judges these kinds of as Ari Lasso and Judika. Meanwhile, Ahmad Dhani, who wore a batik shirt, took his wife, Mulan Jameela.

Uniquely, the spherical eating table occupied by Maia along with Ari Lasso and Judika is suitable in entrance of the desk occupied by Ahmad Dhani and Mulan. At times the RCTI digicam that broadcasts the function are living highlights the 3 of them.

The 45-12 months-aged lady admitted that it was regular to satisfy Ahmad Dhani. Furthermore, their assembly was accidental.

“I am just usual, ha ha ha. You can find no problem. If it is a trouble, it really is presently wrong,” explained Maia Estianty on YouTube channel The Hermansyah A6 which was uploaded on Wednesday (24/3).

Maia admitted that his marriage with Ahmad Dhani is currently ordinary. Even if we chat, Maia claims the most significant things, specially about youngsters.

“Often, how arrive I converse about it. I’m essentially the one particular who told me to have a partnership with the father of the youngsters, ideal is my bojoku (husband), Mr. Irwan. Mas Irwan questioned, ‘Please speak to if it is for speaking about kid’s challenges.’ (Maia claimed to Irwan) ‘Well, it truly is you, you buy it.’ The important thing is that he has his permission, “told the mom of Al, El and Dul.

Irwan Mussry, named Maia Estianty, has the same character as himself. The two of them weren’t the normal folks who favored to nag about the past. What has transpired in the previous, there is no need to have to converse about it yet again. Greater seem in advance.

“When I was instructed to converse once more with the children’s fathers, it was simply because Mas Irwan requested me to. But for the critical points, that’s how you are,” extra Maia Estianty.

“At that time there was (communication with Dhani), all through the circumstance, there was a circumstance … There was communicate about children, of course,” stated Maia, who was unwilling to carry on chatting about the situation she was speaking about with Dhani.

Maia and Dhani married in 1996 and divorced on September 23, 2008. Throughout their marriage, they ended up a compact and passionate pair. Because of this, numerous regretted their divorce which was reportedly prompted by a third individual.


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