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Kalina Oktarani Exposes Vicky Prasetyo’s affair considering that 2 months of marriage

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Kalina Oktarani and Vicky Prasetyo’s serial marriage did not final prolonged. A lot less than a year the two divided and agreed to a spiritual divorce. The rift in their house is claimed to be owing to a third person.

On Baim Paula’s YouTube channel, Kalina Oktarani spoke candidly about the causes for inquiring for a divorce from Vicky Prasetyo. Aska Corbuzier’s mother claimed that since a couple of months of her marriage, there experienced been issues with the presence of a 3rd particular person.

Kalina Oktarani disclosed photo proof that built her believe Vicky experienced an affair with a further woman. To Paula Verhouven, Kalina confirmed off the photo. Reveals Vicky Prasetyo staying personal with a woman whose facial area is covered.

In the photo, Vicky is keeping a female. They feel to be hugging.

“What do you do when you see your partner like this?” questioned Kalina Oktarani to Paula showing the image.

When she saw the picture demonstrated, Paula Verhoeven was shocked. He did not assume Vicky Prasetyo’s intimacy with an additional girl, which experienced been sounding legitimate.

“Oh my gosh, how can that be? Who did you mail it to?” questioned Paula Verhouven.

Kalina Oktarani also said that the picture that manufactured her offended arrived from Vicky Prasetyo’s mobile cellphone when he was nonetheless her spouse. At to start with he idly opened the phone photograph gallery.

“At that time (Vicky Prasetyo) requested for a therapeutic massage, when he opened the gallery, I questioned what it was? He was shocked. There was a photograph of him kissing the cheek,” said Kalina Oktarani.

Paula Verhoeven was even far more surprised when Kalina stated that the photograph was taken two months into their marriage.

“I married him in December, the incident happened in February (2021),” discussed Kalina Oktarani.

But to begin with he was equipped to forgive Vicky Prasetyo although hoping for a modify. For that reason, the two of them re-officialized their marriage in March 2021.