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Keeping Performing in the Middle of Pandemic, Vebrie Verona is operating on 2 movie clips at the moment in Bali

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Dangdut In The united states ambassador, Vebrie Verona continues to get the job done in the midst of a pandemic the place it is not nevertheless recognized when it will finish. Not too long ago Vebrie completed the video clip clips for the two newest singles Cintaku Cuma Kamu and Dangdut Dance.

The lady who was born, Jakarta, February 11, 1996, took the site for a video clip in Bali with an outdoor ambiance.

“We have just concluded filming two single videoclip at the very same time My Adore is Just You produced by Badai and Dandut Dance. The impression is pretty pleasant and complicated specially for the duration of this pandemic,” mentioned Vebrie Verona to reporters in Jakarta recently.

The pop style single, Cintaku Cuma Kamu, was sent comprehensive of appreciation because it was based mostly on a true tale designed by Badai, ex Kerispatih. Vebrie admits that their collaboration with Badai because 3 several years back has eventually created this solitary with a melow pop concept.

Vebrie Verona (Special)

Vebrie Verona (Specific)

Creating the videoclip was unmitigated, Vebrie entrusted him to Rony Rom which is positioned all over Lake Batur Kintamani, Bali.

“I actually like the pure splendor of Bali, here are many wonderful sites,” stated Vebrie Verona who is also a member of Elkasih Legacy.

In the movie clip Cintaku Just Kamu, Vebrie involved fellow musicians, namely Yugo Alvaero, El Ricky (vocalist of El kasih Reborn), El revy (el kasih elgacy) and Tiktok celeb, Dhea Siregar.

“I am quite grateful to those people who served a lot in this video clip clip,” explained Vebrie Verona.

Meanwhile, in the Dangdut Dance videoclip, Vebrie Verona collaborated with the American sword singer, Christine Dee. They are doing the job on a digital videoclip to be mixed.

Christine Dee filmed in The us although Vebrie was in the area of the black desert sand previously lava, around Mount Batur, Kintamani, Bali.

“It is awesome that Bali has a whole lot of good sites for us to investigate. Christine filmed a clip in The united states. I am in Bali Indonesia, so we designed an appointment to shoot in a purely natural setting. Ideally young people today after listening to Dangdut Dance will adore dangdut tunes far more,” concluded Vebrie Verona.


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