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Kim Woo Seok Opens Up About How He Views Himself, His Role In “Bulgasal,” And More

UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok a short while ago participated in a pictorial and interview for Allure!

The interview commenced with an interesting dilemma with regards to how often he appears to be like in a mirror. Kim Woo Seok explained, “When you search in the mirror, it’s like you’re fretting about some thing or examining a thing. Given that I devote a great deal of time in a built-up point out, I stop up not seeking in a mirror when I’m at dwelling. When I’m at residence, my visual appeal is one particular that only I know. I like that. All people is likely the exact same way. My deal with is one that I know the most effective, so I have no purpose to appear in the mirror.”

He went on, “The to start with detail I have to do when I get my make-up and hair accomplished is sit in front of a mirror, so I have no alternative but to start my function by searching at my encounter. When I’m operating, I search at a watch screen significantly much more generally than a mirror. Each time I film a drama, surface on a audio present, or do a picture shoot like this, it is a cycle of checking myself on the monitor and transforming issues to get a far better end result. The final product or service that people see is the outcome of the monitor, not the mirror.”

Kim Woo Seok then created a poignant comparison as he stated that the particular person he sees in the mirror is him searching at himself, though the human being on the screen is the particular person he wants to present to every person else.

He mentioned that he likes his eyes in unique, stating, “There’s so numerous feelings expressed by eyes. The director of ‘Bulgasal’ when instructed me that he preferred my eyes for the reason that they expressed really a good deal of thoughts. I believe my eyes are my robust level.”

At the interviewer’s request, Kim Woo Seok went into additional detail about the comment the director experienced created. He elaborated, “He stated that my eyes conveyed a whole lot of unhappiness, and that it appeared like a lot of things could be expressed by way of them.”

Kim Woo Seok also shared what he uncovered hard about his purpose in “Bulgasal.” “My character has rather a dazzling individuality, but I’m not seriously like that,” he admitted. “Although, as the drama continues he gets to be far more of a pained character. I fearful a great deal about how to get over the viewers, and it was hard. Now that I imagine of it, I really feel rather a bit of disappointment. At initially, I could not fully recognize who Do Yoon was. It was only for the duration of the ultimate stage of filming that I was able to genuinely understand his thoughts. Even so, I never have any regrets. We completed filming properly, and I grew and figured out a good deal many thanks to these types of a important practical experience.”

He also shared how he felt changing up his regular overall look for the drama. “My ‘image’ is what people want to see when they glimpse at me. It is a supposition, an expectation, and a want. If I crack out of that visual appearance, I’ll hear that I’m escaping my ‘image.’ I’m not somebody who’s afraid of that,” he claimed. “I know that I’m escaping that picture when my deal with is bloody or a minor hideous, but I’m fine with it. It’s great to be properly within my gentle and quite picture, but I’m also not afraid of breaking out of it.”

When asked how he finds a equilibrium in between his various images, Kim Woo Seok responded, “It’s important to come across the pleased medium amongst the ‘Kim Woo Seok’ that I want and the ‘Kim Woo Seok’ that the public wants. If I’m dwelling out the picture that the public wishes and the opportunity arrives alongside to split that image by a production or a image shoot, I’ll fortunately do so. I’m open up to almost everything.”

Kim Woo Seok emphasised the worth of option in his everyday living. He commented, “When I participated in an audition program, I chose to mainly because I truly wanted to. It’s remained as a great memory for me. Immediately after setting up my solo things to do, I’m also getting the direct in earning musical choices. It is tough often. But if I quit there, I’ll just develop into an individual who sits there slumped more than, and I never want that. Following putting additional of myself into my 3rd album in contrast to my former two, I listened to that I was improving upon, so now I’m sensation a lot more certain of myself.”

The interview wrapped up as Kim Woo Seok viewed as his long term. “I’ve reached the simple latter 50 percent of my 20s,” he laughed. “I’m not the kind to want to hurry and get more mature, but I do think about myself in my 30s and 40s. We have no concept what could take place in life, but I’m thinking positively. I believe I’ll be an even much better person dwelling an even greater life than I am now.”

He concluded with a chuckle, “Although, that might not be the case.”

Examine out Kim Woo Seok in “Twenty Twenty” beneath:

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