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Launched from Prison, Angelina Sondakh will Promptly Release a Song about Adjie Massaid

TABLOIDBINTANG.COMAngelina Sondakh reportedly will be produced from jail on Thursday (3/3) tomorrow. Mudji Massaid, Angie’s sister-in-regulation, verified the strategy to totally free the convicts in the corruption case.

In accordance to Mudjie, after remaining released from jail Angelina Sondakh will undertake several actions. One particular of them launched a track that he designed throughout his coaching period of time.

“Certainly, it truly is a track by Angelina Sondakh entitled ‘Miss you’. It really is about the late Adjie Massaid,” mentioned Mudjie Massaid, when contacted by reporters on Wednesday (2/3).

Mudjie reported the song “Pass up you” had very long been composed by Angelina Sondakh. Even right before the Covid-19 pandemic entered Indonesia.

Just before freedom Angelina Sondakah, the relatives did not prepare a lavish welcome. According to Mudjie, the family members will only have a meal with Angie when they get property.

“If you come from an ordinary household just. We get ready food just,” he said.

Angelina Sondakh has been detained by the KPK due to the fact 2012. The wife of the late Adjie Massaid was confirmed to have acquired bribes of Rp. 2.5 billion and US$ 1.2 million in funds conversations at the Ministry of Youth and Athletics (Kemenpora) and the Ministry of Education and Lifestyle (Kemendikbud) or improved recognised as the Ministry of Education and Society. with the Wisma Athlete situation.

The panel of judges at the Corruption Court (Tipikor) at first sentenced Angelina Sondakh to 4.5 a long time in prison and a great of Rp. 250 million, a subsidiary of six months in jail.

A girl who is familiarly identified as Angie this is appealed. Having said that, the sentence was enhanced to 12 decades in jail. As a result of a judicial overview (PK), Angelina Sondakh’s sentence was minimized to 10 many years and a fine of Rp. 500 million, subsidiary to 6 months in jail.