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Look at: Jun Ji Hyun, Joo Ji Hoon, And Far more Cautiously Rehearse Perilous Wildfire Scenes In “Jirisan”

tvN shared the behind-the-scenes video clip from episodes 7 and 8 of “Jirisan”!

Written by Kim Eun Hee, “Jirisan” stars Jun Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon as rangers at Mount Jiri Countrywide Park who uncover the truth behind mysterious mishaps on the mountain.


The video displays how the cast and crew filmed the scenes of the wildfire that breaks out on Mount Jiri, spending careful attention to the protection of the natural environment and of the people included. Faux smoke was utilised to create the smoky atmosphere of a wildfire on the mountain, while flames in controlled areas were carefully lit and stamped out for each individual scene. As mountain rangers heading straight to the heart of the fire, actors like Jun Ji Hyun and Oh Jung Se wore equipment like fireproof jackets and breathing masks.

The smoke established unforeseen difficulties, nevertheless, as the wind blew it close to and transformed how it looked in each and every acquire. Jun Ji Hyun and Oh Jung Se recurring their lines for one scene a number of instances as the director experimented with to get the quantity of smoke just correct. When the director asked for a single additional choose, Jun Ji Hyun exclaimed jokingly, “Why! I assumed it was good that time!”

In the scene in which Joo Ji Hoon is trapped with little ones in a burning warehouse, the window is lit with authentic flames, adding a perception of urgency to the place. In between can take, Joo Ji Hoon performs and talks with the child actors in a sweet way. Just after the firefighters rescue him, the forged moves to movie a scene where by the rangers head up the mountain to rescue the kids. Due to the fact the fireplace and smoke can only be made use of the moment, and outcomes may well be additional later on in post-creation, the forged rehearse with the director calling out stage directions these kinds of as, “Turn in this article,” “Step back again,” “A pine cone comes down,” “The wind is rising much better,” etcetera.

To film Jun Ji Hyun’s epic leaping scene, the team put together dozens of cardboard containers to cushion her landing. After the remarkable rescue, Jo Han Chul carries Jun Ji Hyun on his back again, which she apologizes for as quickly as the choose is completed. Oh Jung Se plays rock-paper-scissors with one of the youngster actors and would make her snicker, although Joo Ji Hoon absentmindedly catches bugs with an electrical swatter.

The rest of the online video offers with Jun Ji Hyun, Sung Dong Il, Oh Jung Se, and Joo Ji Hoon filming the Mount Jiri Countrywide Park rangers’ pleasant competition and talent demonstrate. Jun Ji Hyun accidentally grabs the prop in the relay race ahead of she can draw the ton telling her what prop to choose, and Sung Dong Il jokes, “It’s like you currently knew what it was beforehand.” Oh Jung Se pretends to box in slim air, and Joo Ji Hoon asks him, “Why did you master it left-handed?” The online video ends with the chaotic overall performance of Kim Yeon Ja’s “Amor Fati” with the rangers in flamboyant costumes.

Examine out the online video below!

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