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Melaney Ricardo Praises Gisella Anastasia who admits problems and apologizes

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Gisella Anastasia admitted her miscalculation and apologized for her steps in entrance of the media, Wednesday (6/1) evening. The suspect in the immoral video situation promised to comply with the applicable authorized treatments.

As a pal, Melaney Ricardo appreciated Gisella Anastasia’s bravery to look and apologize. Melaney thinks it is not effortless to be in Gisel’s placement at this time.

“Definitely really enjoy it, this means that in lifestyle we ​​must have made errors, the stages have to be unique. But what is sure is that we are not absolutely free from issues, no matter whether intentional or accidental,” claimed Melaney Ricardo, when fulfilled at TransTV Studio, South Jakarta, Thursday. (7/1).

Melaney Ricardo.  (Seno /

Melaney Ricardo. (Seno /

For the authorized course of action, Melaney Ricardo thoroughly submitted to the authorities. Outside of that, Melaney proceeds to supply ethical support to Gisella Anastasia to get by this trouble and be born as a better human being.

“What is finished by apologizing and striving to find out from blunders built in the past to be improved, I believe is courage in alone,” ongoing Melaney Ricardo.

Melaney Ricardo himself gave a prayer for Gisella Anastasia ahead of supplying a statement in front of the media.

“Sure, very last night time we and our closest pals, Wijin also, shook palms praying ahead of he gave a assertion. This means that legally we depart it to the authorities, but psychologically what we want to aid so we can be robust,” said Melaney Rirardo.

Melaney Ricardo.  (Seno /

Melaney Ricardo. (Seno /


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