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Mikha Tambayong and Hana’s figures are lazy swapped in the movie Sky at Twilight

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – At the finish of November 2021, KlikFilm offers drama genre films. The movie, entitled Langit Kala Senja, is about a sophisticated adore triangle. Starring Refal Hadi, Omar Daniel, Mikha Tambayong and Hana Malasan, this film is coming to KlikFilm starting November 26, 2021.

The director of the film Langit Kala Senja, Dyan Sunu Prastowo, admitted that he did not practical experience any problems in the course of the capturing of this movie.” Alhamdulillah, every thing went easily, there had been no significant troubles, even even though we have been taking pictures at the starting of the pandemic. With rigorous wellness protocols, we were being in a position to finish filming efficiently,” he claimed.

The exact point was also conveyed by Omar Daniel, who plays the character Bima in this film. “Alhamdulillah, all the filming approach went effortlessly. This is the 2nd time I have collaborated with Mas Sunu, so I presently have an understanding of what Mas Sunu wants,” he explained.

Mikha Tambayong starred in the film Langit Kala Dusk.  (Seno/

Mikha Tambayong starred in the movie Langit Kala Dusk. (Seno/

Refal Hadi, who plays the character of Langit, admits that this film is very fascinating for him.” The most intriguing thing about this film’s tale is the dynamics of his adore. As for actively playing the character of Langit, I only saw the determine of Mas Sunu (director), due to the fact the people are quite identical. with the Sky,” explained Refal.

Meanwhile, Mikha Tambayong, who performs the character Senja, admitted that the character he performed did not suit him. “My character and Senja are pretty various. In simple fact, considering that the workshop I explained to Hana, it looks that my character and Hana are swapped,” he discussed.

In the meantime, Hana Malasan admitted that she was fascinated in currently being involved in this film, simply because of the story.” When I initial browse the synopsis, the story was very simple, about the daily events we see. Nevertheless, that’s what I feel is a obstacle. can be performing with Refal, Omar, and Micah,” he concluded.

Mikha Tambayong starred in the film Langit Kala Dusk.  (Seno/

Mikha Tambayong starred in the film Langit Kala Dusk. (Seno/