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Nana And Lee Min Ki Consider Not To Get Caught On Their Magic formula Date In “Oh My Ladylord”

MBC’s “Oh My Ladylord” introduced new stills of Nana and Lee Min Ki!

“Oh My Ladylord” is a rom-com about a thriller drama writer named Han Bi Soo (Lee Min Ki) and a rom-com actress named Oh Joo In (Nana) who start residing jointly after Han Bi Soo turns into Oh Joo In’s tenant.


Given that equally Oh Joo In and Han Bi Soo are famous and nicely-recognised by the public, they have to hold the actuality that they’re residing collectively a magic formula. During the previous broadcast, Han Bi Soo and Oh Joo In headed out of the home jointly but pretended not to know every other. In the newly launched stills, Oh Joo In and Han Bi Soo head out of the household at the time once again, but they adorably act as if they really don’t know just about every other even with becoming in the identical area.

The stills depict Han Bi Soo and Oh Joo In going for walks with each other at evening but with a massive hole separating the two. There’s a subtle heart-fluttering ambiance as the two purposefully keep away from just about every other’s gazes although becoming informed of the other’s presence. At the convenience store, they also select out things a couple of toes element. Even so, being aware of other people’s gazes has built the couple a little uncomfortable.

The creation team shared, “The ‘secret’ is one particular of the vital details in Han Bi Soo and Oh Joo In’s cohabitation romance. This is simply because the top secret the two people manufactured without any individual knowing will create sudden enjoyable and refined excitement with a improve in their thoughts. Of class, this was probable because of Nana’s and Lee Min Gi’s skillful performing and their chemistry. Make sure you exhibit tons of fascination and enjoy for ‘Oh My Ladylord,’ which has even a lot more coronary heart-fluttering factors now that the true cohabitation has started.”

The upcoming two episodes of “Oh My Ladylord” air back again-to-back on April 8 at 9:20 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, check out Nana in “Into the Ring” below:

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