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Nikita Mirzani Shares Proof of Dialogue with Aunt Andriansyah Fuji’s Sister Sets Tens of Tens of millions to Show up on YouTube

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – The problem of Fuji and Fadly placing fees for showing as speakers on Tv set and YouTube podcasts appears to be to be accurate. It was Nikita Mirzani who unveiled this by his Instagram Stories.

Fuji, who has not experienced a great graphic since Vanessa Angel and Aunt Andriansyah, appears to be to be a guardian angel for Gala Sky Andriansyah, appears to choose benefit of the grief seasoned by location a tariff of up to tens of millions of rupiah. In Niki’s post, it was uncovered that Fuji set a charge of Rp. 30 million to appear as a guest star on the Langit Leisure YouTube channel.

“Expensive Fuzi, who is being glorified by Indonesian netizens since he is getting care of the Gala. I just saw a demonstrate that talked about an invitation from the Sky of 30 million. You claimed you ended up bored due to the fact it was 7 times, so you reported that if you desired to invite the tariff, it was 30 million,” said Nikita.

In his submit, Nikita Mirzani contains screenshot proof of the discussion among the group from Langit Entertainment and Fuji. It was seen that Firda Hair Classy Vanessa Angel conveyed Fuji’s rates to show up on your own with Fadly.

“I am with Fadly, but I use my funds. The two budgets are 30 million. That is even if you want it,” stated Fuji, as conveyed by Firda.

The Langit Crew claimed that Fuji’s costs were expensive, even more pricey than the charges for Celine Evangelista and Bibi-Vanessa when they appeared as visitor stars in Langit.

“Which is what Fuji requested for?” asked the Sky group to be certain.

“Of course you are,” he answered.

Right after November 11, the Langit group again contacted Fuji by means of chat on November 17. Tim Langit reported that the interviewees who were invited to their podcast ended up budgeted at Rp 2.5 million. However, Fuji asked for 4 instances what Langit experienced established, which was Rp. 10 million. Fuji refused the spending plan offered by the Sky staff.

“Sorry, Sis, my spending plan and Fadly’s 10 million are the exact same as Television,” Fuji’s chat explained.

“You can’t charge that a great deal (Rp 2.5 million) still,” stated Fuji.

“Sis, cannot you arrive down all over again?” asked the Sky crew.

“We are caught at 3 million, Sis,” mentioned the Sky group.

Nikita understood that by revealing this, he would be the butt of netizens who idolized Fuji. Niki mentioned, everything is just a make any difference of time and netizens’ eyes will open up.