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Nirina Zubir Gets to be a Victim of the Land Mafia, Losses Reaching Rp. 17 billion.

TABLOIDBINTANG.COMNirina Zubir turn into a sufferer of the land mafia. The assets belonging to Nirina’s late mother, Cut Indria Martini, in the sort of quite a few plots of land were being embezzled by her household assistant.

At very first, Reduce Indria Martini imagined his land papers were missing. He then entrusted his house assistant named Riri Khasmita to consider treatment of the letters. Unexpectedly, Riri basically abused Lower Indria Martini’s trust.

“Originally, my mother assumed the letter was lost, so she questioned for assistance from the residence member who has been operating given that 2009 to aid with the paperwork,” reported Nirina Zubir, at a push meeting in the Antasari spot, South Jakarta, Wednesday (17/11).

Nirina Zubir is a victim of the land mafia.  (Seno/

Nirina Zubir is a victim of the land mafia. (Seno/

Reduce Indria Martini questioned Riri Khasmita for assist in 2017. Two a long time did not conclusion, Nirina discovered that her mother’s land certificates had adjusted names.

“In its place of becoming taken care of but it turns out that he secretly exchanged all the letters with his personalized name, the name of Riri Khasmita from Bukittinggi, his son Nurhasni syah and her husband Edrianto,” stated Nirina.

A overall of six land certificates had been embezzled by Riri Khasmita. Two of them have been sold by Riri Khasmita.

“6 letters ended up exchanged with them, some have been pledged to the lender and some were being sold and we suspect the income was applied for the frozen hen enterprise, which currently has 5 branches,” mentioned Nirina Zubir.

mom Nirina Zubir died in 2019. At that time, Nirina just located out about the land problem her mom was encountering. Unmitigated, the losses skilled attained 17 billion rupiah.

Nirina Zubir is a victim of the land mafia.  (Seno/

Nirina Zubir is a sufferer of the land mafia. (Seno/