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Other than Lulu Tobing, Here are 14 Artist Partners Who Married Shortly Because of to Divorce

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – The homes of Lulu Tobing and Bani Maulana Mulia are in difficulty. Lulu submitted for divorce from her husband at the Central Jakarta Spiritual Court on May possibly 18, 2021.

Their relationship has only been around for a long time. Lulu was married to Bani Maulana Mulia on August 24, 2019 in personal with a restricted circle of people attending.

The news of Lulu Tobing’s divorce from his grandson, businessman Soedarpo Sastrosatomo, the founder of PT Samudera Indonesia, stunned the community. The purpose is that they have not even been married for two a long time and even their domestic marriage is far from gossip.

Moreover Lulu Tobing, below is a listing of artists who acquired married briefly and finished up in divorce.

1. Nikita Mirzani



Nikita Mirzani married Dipo Latief in February 2018. Having said that, following five months collectively, Nikita Mirzani underwent a relationship isbat demo at the South Jakarta Religious Court.

2. Ayu Ting Ting – Enji

Attractive dancers Ayu Ting Ting and Enji obtained married in July 2013. Regretably, in December 2013, Ayu filed for divorce from Enji when Ayu Ting Ting was expecting with their child.

3. Desy Ratnasari

Desy was married twice and failed. The singer of “Tenda Biru” was to start with married to Ir. Trenady Pramudya, an regular business office employee on February 20, 1999. Unfortunately, the marriage experienced to be dissolved a 12 months later. Desy then remarried businessman Sammy Hamzah in 2001 and they divorced in March 2003.

4. Muzdalifah



Muzdalifah filed an annulment of marriage versus Khairil Anwar just days following obtaining married. This situation was the issue of community discussion. The two even experienced time to report each and every other to the police.

5. Peach Goddess
At the age of 30, Dewi has been widowed 3 moments. After divorcing from Saipul Jamil, Dewi Perssik married Aldi Taher in a series that only lasted for a year.

Dewi married Aldi in August 2008, Aldi submitted for divorce six months later on, in March 2009.

6. Cici Paramida
Dangdut singer Cici Paramida divorced Suhaeby Hamzawi soon after 3 months of marriage. Cici Paramida married in Mecca on March 12, 2009, in June Cici filed for divorce on the grounds of domestic violence. They then formally divorced on December 17 of the identical 12 months.

7. Salmafina Sunan

Salamafina Sunan and Taqy Malik are on the short checklist of celebrity marriages. Married taaruf, Taqy Malik’s domestic and this Instagram artist lasted only 3 months. After filing a lawsuit to the West Jakarta Religious Court, the two eventually officially divorced in February 2018.

8. Kalina Oktarani



Kalina Oktarani and lawyer Insank Nasruddin got married in an unregistered relationship on March 16, 2020. However, their relationship only lasted a couple of times which resulted in divorce from the gentlemen.

9. Catherine Wilson
Catherine Wilson or Keket and Arofat married on June 1, 2012, they were officially divorced considering the fact that February 2013 as the judge of the Spiritual Courtroom of Malang knocked. This signifies that their relationship only lasted 7 months.

10. Ussy Sulistiwaty
In advance of Andhika Pratama, Usay Sulstiawaty was married to a businessman from Kalimantan named Yusuf Sugianto. They married on August 12, 2005. In April 2006, not prolonged right after giving start, Ussy filed for divorce from her husband. they then officially divorced on December 9, 2006.

11. Rina Nose
Rina Nose and Ridwan Federani Anwar obtained married in December 2012. Regretably, the marriage only lasted seven months. July 2013 Rina Nose and Ridwan Federani Anwar’s marriage finished.

12. Stuart Collin – Risty Tagor



Risty Tagor married Stuart Collin in April 2015. Not very long just after, the two divorced in March 2016. Now Risty Tagor has returned to constructing a residence and has a child.

12. Lucky Hakim
Fortunate Hakim’s marriage and divorce with Tiara Dewi was controversial. Lots of suspect that their 2nd relationship was a fabrication. They bought married on December 12, 2016. Right after only 6 months of marriage, Fortunate Hakim filed a divorce match with the East Jakarta Religious Courtroom on June 30, 2017. Right until 6 September 2017, the two were formally divorced.

14. Angel Lelga – Vicky Prasetyo



Aggel Lelga’s marriage drama with Vicky Prasetyo experienced captivated general public notice, having married on February 9 2018, their household only lasted 8 months till Vicky Prasetyo finally submitted for divorce at the South Jakarta Religious Court docket. Meteka formally divorced on January 10, 2019.



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