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Peppy’s Reaction to Hoax News of Loss of life due to Covid

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Fevi Hermawan Hidayat Kelana or Peppy reportedly died of Covid-19 on Wednesday (14/7) night. Even so, the undesirable news circulating in a number of WhatsApp teams was instantly denied by Peppy.

The 45-calendar year-old musician and comic instantly responded when contacted to confirm the information. Peppy also proves that he is wonderful.

“Waalaikumsallam. Hhmmm… ouch. It truly is safe and sound, Mas. It truly is all harmless,” Peppy replied when contacted on Wednesday (14/7) night time.



Peppy seemed to know that he would be questioned about the news circulating about his situation. Not seeking to disturb Peppy, the conversation was instantly ended.

“Sorry in progress, just needed to verify, Mas,” he explained

“Sure sir. Chill out let’s go. I’m safe and sound. Waalaikumsalam,” stated Peppy in a deep voice.

A handful of times ago, Peppy analyzed good for Covid-19 and was hospitalized. This is known from Aldi Taher’s upload which exhibits a image of Peppy lying in bed whilst employing an oxygen tube.



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