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Reportedly Saipul Jamil For Calling Pedophiles, Lita Gading: I am Not Afraid

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Psychologist Lita Gading is ready to combat Saipul Jamil at Polda Metro Jaya just after currently being documented with a defamation write-up for contacting Dewi Perssik’s ex-husband a pedophile. Lita also admitted that she was not frightened of legal threats from Saipul Jamil.

Lita Gading mentioned she did not feel responsible. What he did did not violate the code of ethics as claimed by Saipul Jamil.

“I will not think it violates the code of ethics. Since I am a psychologist and this has been published and is a countrywide scenario that does need an pro to communicate about psychology,” explained Lita Gading to reporters just lately.

Lita explained, in point, Saipul Jamil has been discovered responsible and there is evidence that the dangdut singer who was a jury at the DAcademy fully commited sexual harassment.

“If, for instance, he has not been convicted, and I say that he is a pedophile, that is new (violating the code of ethics). Now everybody is familiar with that he is a previous sexual criminal offense convict, and I was asked for clarification by journalists according to my awareness,” explained Lita Gading.

Even so, Lita Gading stated what the goal of the write-up was that designed it reported by Saipul Jamil.

“I know and I have defined it, it’s in the online video, you can see it. There I failed to say the word ‘pedophile’, I only gave the tagline ‘Saipul Jamil Pedophile???’ That’s all. So if it integrates that he is a pedophile, then that’s his company,” stated Lita Gading.

Relating to the report, Lita Gading emphasised that she was not fearful at all. “I’m not fearful, simply because I am right. So regardless of what I have to straighten, in accordance to my know-how, occur on!” concluded Lita Gading.

Saipul Jamil accompanied by his attorney, Farhat Abbas, claimed Lita Gading to the Polda Metro Jaya on November 11, 2021. They did not acknowledge the psychologist calling Saipul Jamil a pedophile. According to Saipul Jamil, as a psychologist, Lita Gading does not keep ethics.