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Software Function, Venna Melinda Wrongly Pointed out Ferry Irawan’s Name So Ferry Salim

TABLOIDBINTANG.COMVenna Melinda Ferry Irawan officially proposed. The proposal and fiancé event took area in the Pantai Mutiara place, Pluit, North Jakarta, Wednesday (9/2) evening.

There was a funny incident in the middle of the party. That is when Venna Melinda misspelled her husband’s identify. Rather of Ferry Irawan, Venna even described the title Ferry Salim.

“Yeah, that was what I mentioned completely wrong. You know, my age, I currently I want to be 50 decades outdated,” stated Venna Melinda, through a push conference immediately after the celebration.

“I nearly needed to go home previously,” Ferry Irawan chimed in with a chuckle.

Venna Melinda was proposed by Ferry Irawan.  (Ari/

Venna Melinda was proposed by Ferry Irawan. (Ari/

Venna Melinda claimed that this was not the to start with time she had mispronounced someone’s title. The mother of Verrell Bramasta and Athalla Nauval admitted that it was uncomplicated to get distracted.

“So we have been talking about about Salim Salim. Then I was advised to say, indeed, it is referred to as Ferry Salim. Of course, just before this, I generally employed the erroneous title for Ferry,” spelled out Venna Melinda.

“I have been mispronouncing it all this time, really previously generally,” reported Ferry Irawan.

The incident of mispronouncing the identify did not reduce the happiness of Venna Melinda and Ferry Irawan. Equally were grateful that the proposal occasion went easily even though it was raining.

“Alhamdulillah, it went effortlessly even even though it was raining at the close of the event. It can be alright that the rain is a blessing for us,” claimed Venna Melinda.

Right after the software, in accordance to the plan Venna Melinda and Ferry Salim are arranging to maintain a marriage deal in Bali, on March 7, 2022.