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“Squid Game” Star Anupam Tripathi Tearfully Expresses Gratitude To His Longtime Close friend Park So Dam

The long-lasting friendship amongst “Squid Game” star Anupam Tripathi and “Parasite” star Park So Dam is just way too sweet!

On the December 1 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” Anupam Tripathi made an eventful guest look in which he talked about his family’s response to his skyrocketing level of popularity and even danced to the “Squid Game” topic tunes with Noze of “Street Woman Fighter.”

Last 7 days, in the course of her very own guest physical appearance on “Radio Star,” Park So Dam talked about that she had long gone to college with Anupam Tripathi and heaped praise on the actor for his favourable persona and infectious power.

Through this week’s episode, the “Radio Star” workforce surprised Anupam Tripathi by actively playing him a video clip information that his pal Park So Dam had recorded for him.

Anupam Tripathi reacted with lovable enjoyment as Park So Dam explained in the video, “Anupam! I however bear in mind how very nervous I was when I very first went on ‘Radio Star,’ so I filmed this movie concept due to the fact I wished to cheer you on even a little bit. I required to say congratulations and that I’m so, so happy that you are receiving so a great deal love and help. Oppa, let us be healthful in both of those thoughts and system, and let us perform for a extensive time when getting exciting! Let us go, Anupam!”

When the hosts pointed out that Anupam Tripathi experienced been tearing up, the actor responded, “Yes, due to the fact for my initially engage in in college, [Park So Dam] and I were being in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ collectively. She performed Juliet, and I performed a servant, and we became really close then.”

Anupam Tripathi went on to share the heartwarming tale of the time he had first been grateful to Park So Dam back throughout their college times.

“I continue to bear in mind the very first moment [we met],” he recalled. “It was during orientation, and I didn’t speak Korean effectively however. Simply because I did not try to eat meat, [Park So Dam] brought me a vegetable scallion pancake throughout a meal and stated, ‘Oppa, try to eat this.’ I however just can’t ignore the style of that scallion pancake, and even now, it continues to be alive [within me]. She was that type of sunbae [senior]. Even right now, she despatched me a message indicating, ‘Good luck [on “Radio Star”], oppa!’”

He concluded by turning to the display and shouting, “So Dam sunbae, I appreciate you!”


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