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Synopsis CINTA AMARA SCTV Episode 146 Now Friday 7 January 2022

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Synopsis Really like AMARA SCTV Episode 146 Right now Friday 7 January 2022

Herdy entered the ICU with sterile clothes. Wahida’s fingers started out to transfer, Herdy appeared content. Herdy held Wahida’s hand and mentioned many thanks.

Miranti and Bhishma are nevertheless on the aspect of the highway. Miranti tried to call Afandy, but Afandy’s cellphone was not energetic. Miranti then requested Bisma to just take him to Afandy’s new store.

Siti and Mayang occur to meet up with Isti. Isti said she wished no issue what they did to get rid of Kasmat and his adult men. Kasmat and Baron entered a home and shouted for Amara. It turned out that Amara was not there. Two burly people suddenly appeared.

Amara was astonished, due to the fact out of the blue someone claimed to know Pak Kasmat properly, and he mentioned sorry Pak Kasmat he was unwell. Amara is taken to a residence to fulfill Kasmat.

Kenzie and Sisil acquired off the motorcycle taxi that took them, just after looking at the aged house. Sisil asked, “Kenzie is absolutely sure Amara is in this article, we failed to go the improper way, right? I’m concerned.”

Miranti remembers Amara, why Amara is old and has not appeared nevertheless. Miranti was confused simply because Amara experienced not yet returned. Miranti told Herdy that he would adhere to Amara. Amara is in front of the old household and fulfills Kenzie and Sisil. Amara was shocked why Kenzie and Sisil were there. Then Mira appeared from within attempting to catch Amara.