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Synopsis of LAYANGAN PUTUS Episode 7 Friday 31 December 2021 : Aris is responsible of Reno’s demise

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Synopsis Broken Kite WeTV Episode 7 Friday 31 December 2021

The funeral of Kinan and Aris’ second boy or girl, whom they named Reno, was dim. The harm Kinan prefers to lean on his mother, Farida. Amongst the mourning guests arrived Lydia with a team of teachers from Raya college. Unexpectedly, Kinan hugged Lydia to start with. He whispers to Lydia that Lydia is Reno’s killer. Leaving Lydia in shock, Kinan was greeted with another surprise: his father, Rasyid, who only frequented briefly.

Kinan kept Aris silent, until a single working day, Aris proposed that the baby’s space be much better cleaned. Anger filled Kinan. He once again pointed at Aris and his affair, but this time Aris turned angry. The gentleman also blamed Kinan. With his heart already additional than torn aside, Kinan hissed his hopes for Aris’ demise, not Reno’s. Aris, who was attacked by Kinan’s terms, remaining the dwelling and went to Lydia’s condominium. In the meantime, Kinan ransacked the nursery as a form of emotional outburst.

Aris evidently has a tight emotion of guilt around Reno’s dying. Lydia was also on standby in an work to serene Aris. In the meantime, Kinan, who was continue to stuffed with anger, selected to proceed spying on Aris employing a messaging software from Aris’s cellphone, which he then related to his laptop. Sure enough, Kinan effortlessly bought evidence of seductive messages that have been alternately sent between Aris and Lydia.